If you have used both iPhone and iPad, you will notice some differences. Some new features added to iPadOS can’t be seen on iOS. An example is – User interface. So, it’s not unusual for iPhone users to feel envious of iPad users. The iPadOS user interface offers many more powerful user-friendly features than the iOS user interface. Fortunately, jailbreakers won’t feel such jealously because some jailbreak tweaks are available to port the iPad’s features to your jailbroken iPhone running iOS 14. In this attempt, we’ll go through a few of those jailbreak tweaks that you can install to port iPadOS features to your jailbroken iPhone on iOS 14. So without wasting your precious time, we’ll dive right into it. Here are the best jailbreak tweaks for porting iPad features to iOS 14.

The best jailbreak tweaks for porting iPad features to iOS 14


iPadSwitcher Tweak

iPadSwitcher is an iPadOS-inspired jailbreak tweak that ports the iPad’s superior App Switcher UI to jailbroken iPhones. The iPad comes with a unique grid-based App Switcher for larger screens. But why hasn’t Apple adopted a similar App Switcher UI to the iPhones with larger screens?

iPadSwitcher is a simple jailbreak tweak that gives us a grid-based customizable App Switcher for iOS 14 that draws heavy inspiration from the native App Switcher interface of the iPad.

Download: iPadSwitcher (Free)

Repo: https://repo.packix.com/


HalFiPad is one of the best iPhone X gestures tweaks on any jailbroken iPhone. Apart from that, the speciality of this tweak is it provides modern gestures, iPad features, and many unique features. Example – iPhone X Gestures, iPad StatusBar, Floating Dock, Split & Slide Over, iPhone X Keyboard, Dark Keyboard, and Swipe to Screenshot.

Download: HalfiPad (Free)

Repo: BigBoss


Little12 Tweak

Little12 is another must-have add-on for iOS 14 jailbroken iPhone users since it includes powerful features only available on the iPad. It is an alternative to the tweak mentioned above called HalfiPad.

With the tweak, you can add features like the iPhone 12 to your home button iPhone and bring significant user experience changes to your device. Furthermore, many options are available like Comparable multitasking and home bar gestures, iPhone X-inspired keyboard interface, rounded Dock, app switcher card corners, enhanced camera app UI, lock screen shortcuts, and an iPad style status bar and features, and more.

You can learn more about Little12 tweak and its work in our full review post.


iPadDock14 Tweak

The iPad’s Dock has also been improved a step above than iPhone in that it has a section on the right side dedicated to recently used apps.

ipaddock14 is a simple jailbreak tweak that offers the same Dock-centric features to your jailbroken iPhones running iOS 14. Especially, it allows you to have a better experience by giving with the icons you’ve recently opened right from the Dock.

Download: iPadDock14 (Free)

Repo: https://0tcqd.github.io/repo/


iPadStatusBar Tweak

iPadStatusBar is a free jailbreak tweak that provides the iPad’s Status Bar to jailbroken iPhones running iOS 14. Because of the iPad’s Status Bar layout, the tweak works best with non-notched iPhones, but it does perform with notched phones.

Download: iPadStatusBar (Free)

Repo: https://repo.packix.com/


Ipadify Tweak

With iPadify, you can enable iPad capabilities on your iPhone. In other words, you can access some features that are exclusive to the iPad on your jailbroken iPhone. Currently, the iPadify tweak enables the following features.

  • Sideload any iPad-only app such as Playgrounds or Photoshop using iMazing, iTunes, or similar.
  • Native picture-in-picture in Safari, TV and other places

Download: ipadify (Free)

Repo: https://repo.packix.com/


Zetsu is a free jailbreak tweak that brings impressive windowed multitasking to jailbroken iPhones running iOS 14. It also improves multitasking on the iPad.

Download: Zetsu (Free)

Repo: https://dcsyhi1998.github.io/

Are you also looking for more specialized jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14?

Of course, those are Some of the best jailbreak tweaks for porting iPad features to iOS 14. If I have missed something, please share them by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

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