Have you been looking for the best Cydia sources & Repos for iOS Operating System in 2022? Congratulations! You have come to the right place. Primarily, we have tried and experienced many Cydia tweaks, apps, and repositories with iOS jailbreak. Furthermore, we have also created the Best Cydia sources & repos list for you, which will help you find and use some of the best jailbreak tweaks, apps, and themes for free developed by various iOS developers worldwide.

Are you interested in knowing about the best jailbreak sources & repos for iOS? So, stay with us till the end to better understand the topic.

To download and install jailbreak tweaks and apps for jailbroken devices, you need a package manager like Cydia. Moreover, Sileo, Zebra, Installer, and Saily are the best alternatives for Cydia. By default, Cydia comes with a few essential sources. But with this guide, you can add thousands of new and best Cydia Repositories to your package manager app.

What is the Cydia app?

Cydia is the first and most popular app store for jailbroken iPhones and iPad that manages all the repositories with tweaks and apps. It also has a massive selection of jailbreak apps, tweaks, and themes you can’t find from the official App Store.

You must wonder why you need the Cydia app when your iPhone already has the App Store. However, the Cydia app offers more advantages than the App Store and also contains apps that are not accessible on the App Store. Cydia’s app collection is more considerable than the official App Store. Every app, game, or feature is available for download and uses through the Cydia App.

The Cydia app mainly has free and paid tweaks, apps, and themes. But the paid apps are cheaper than the App Store. So, many users tend to use Cydia instead of the App Store.

  • Unfortunately, the developer of the Cydia app (Saurik) has stopped developing and updating the app, but it is still installed by default if you jailbreak your device with unc0ver. Remember that many modern, faster, and reliable alternatives are now available for Cydia.
  • Note that not all of these sources will work with every version of iOS, so make sure you verify before you install anything.

What are the Cydia sources & repos?

Now that you know about the Cydia app, it’s time to learn about the Cydia sources and repos. Cydia sources and repos are libraries where iOS developers release tweaks, apps, and themes worldwide. To download the tweaks for your jailbroken device, you must add the specific Cydia source or repo to your Cydia app. You’re probably thinking that adding the Cydia sources to the Cydia app would be tricky. But, no, it is pretty simple to add.

Once you add the sources, you are free to download all the jailbreak tweaks, apps, and games you like most. You can upgrade and experience your jailbroken iPhone with no restrictions.

How to add a jailbreak source to the Cydia app?

You can add the jailbreak repos listed below to Cydia app by following these steps.

Install Cydia Repository
  • Open Cydia on your jailbroken device
  • Tap Edit from the top right corner.
  • Then tap Add.
  • Copy and paste the repo URL that you need to add.
  • Finally, tap Add Source.

As I mentioned above, Cydia has been shut down. Therefore, you cannot purchase jailbreak tweaks from it.

However, adding multiple Cydia sources and repos is a complex task. So, you can install the Flame tweak to add multiple Cydia sources and repos at once. Furthermore, if you have the Sileo package manager app, you can add multiple Cydia sources without using any third-party tweak. You must add them to your iPhone Clipboard by copying them. Make sure to check how to access Clipboard on iPhone and Mac.

The Best Cydia Sources & Repos

Some iOS developers use public repositories to share their tweaks, while others create their own Cydia repositories. In this article, I present some of the best Cydia sources & repos. In 2022, everything is up and running. By adding these repos, you will enjoy more powerful jailbreak tweaks and further enhance the experience of using your jailbroken iPhone.

Remember to check out some of the best Cydia tweaks 2022 and the best Cydia tweaks iOS 14.8 compatible jailbreak tweaks. Then, ensure you don’t end up installing an incompatible tweak.

You may choose from various Cydia sources and repos on the Internet. We’ve provided you with a carefully selected collection of iOS Cydia sources repos that will save you the hassle of finding out the best one.

BigBoss Repository

The best repo on the list is BigBoss Repository. When installing the Cydia app, it is the default repo on your iPhone or iPad. BigBoss Repository has a massive collection of countless jailbreak tweaks, apps, games, themes, and other features. This app categorizes all packages as carrier bundles, data storage, development, education, games, keyboard, entertainment, fonts, messaging, multimedia, ringtones, security, navigation, productivity, terminal support, themes, utilities, widgets, etc. So, you can navigate with ease through all add-ons.

However, The BigBoss repository is a must-have for any iOS jailbreaker because it contains all the latest jailbreak tweaks and apps for your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, BigBoss Repo is the best option if you’re seeking a centralized location for customizing your iPhone.

Repo URL: http://apt.thebigboss.org/repofiles/cydia/

Packix Repository

Packix is one of the most popular Cydia sources in 2022, offering a massive collection of valuable and useful packages like Barmoji, Boxy 3, CallRecorder, BetterCCXI, and more. The repo also provides free and commercial jailbreak tweaks.

Repo link: https://repo.packix.com/

iPhone Cake Repository

For users of the widely used iPhone and iPad, Cydia is a vital tool. Various helpful apps, tweaks, and themes are available in this app store, letting users personalize their devices entirely. While there are many excellent sources on Cydia, the iPhone cake is one of the most popular and helpful.

As a Cydia source, iPhone Cake gives users access to various high-quality resources, including creative icon packs.  The iPhone cake is an excellent source for all your iOS needs, whether you want to improve the appearance or performance of your device.

So, do that immediately if you haven’t already given your device access to this essential Cydia source. 

Repo URL: https://cydia.iphonecake.com/

Limneos Repository

Significantly, Limneos repo provides paid jailbreak tweaks and apps such as Audio Recorder, AudioRecorder XS, AnsweringMachine XS, BioProtext XS, CallBar XS, NFCWriter XS, VoiceChanger XS, and InstaOnlineMonitor.

Repo URL: http://limneos.net/repo/

Dynastic Repository

Dynastic is a famous jailbreak repository that offers unique free and paid tweaks, themes, and apps. It is the official repo for AltDeamon, the background running app to sign IPA files on the device with AltStore. This is the repo for Artistry, SnapBack, Asteroid, Succession, BetterSettings, Aperio, ShortLook, Groovify, HideYourApps, SnowBoard, HomeGesture, and many others.

Repo URL: https://repo.dynastic.co/

Twickd Repository

Twickd is one of the best Cydia repo with free and paid packages, such as NoClutter, QuickLS, Ainsworth, Aiir Status Bar, April, 3DBadgeClear, and many others.

Repo URL: https://repo.twickd.com/

Havoc Repository

Havoc is a new repository that was introduced as the successor to Packix. It offers some of the best free and paid Cydia tweaks and apps. The Havoc Repo is where packages like PortraitXI, PowerModule, AnimationsBeFastPlus, Minotaur, Viola theme, Snapper 2, Vibrato, BackupAZ 4, ReProvision Reborn, Boxy 4, and many others.

Repo URL: https://havoc.app/

Chariz Repository

Chariz repo is an excellent Cydia Source with tweaks, apps, development libraries, system tools, themes, and utilities. It has both free and paid packages. Moreover, the most popular tweaks such as CozyBadges, Aemulo, Atria, CylinderReborn, Dayn, Appaze 2, Sleepizy 2, Kalm, Orion, Veza, ProKeys, kai, QuickActions, QuitAll, Viper, and Xenon have been released through this repo.

Repo URL: https://repo.chariz.com/

Haoict Repository

Haoict is an excellent Cydia repo, including 17 jailbreak tweaks for iOS devices. It offers many valuable tweaks like Iconcert 14, Kill All Apps, and EmojiKey++. Want to disable ads on your favorite social media apps? So, the developer has developed some ad disabling tweaks such as Facebook No Ads, Twitch No Ads, Twitter No Ads, TikTok No Ads, Instagram No Ads, Messenger No Ads, Gmail No Ads, and Reddit No Ads.

Repo URL: https://haoict.github.io/cydia/

Ichitaso Repository

ichitaso is one of the best Cydia sources in 2022, which provides many awesome free tweaks for your jailbroken iOS devices. The Cydia repo has famous jailbreak tweaks like vnodebypass, uTouPlus, TransparentDock13, QuickWiFi, PrimalFolders 2, QuickCC, PowerSelector, OTADisabler, NetworkDisabler, FiveIconDock13, Exsto, DNDBadges, and jailbroken version of AltStore.

Repo URL: https://cydia.ichitaso.com/

SparkDev Repository

SparkDev is an iOS developer providing creative and productive jailbreak tweaks and apps for your jailbroken devices. Packages released through his Repository are Aion, Vesta, BatteryPercentX, TapticKeys, CircleSettings, SnowBoard theming engine, FreshWall, SneakyCam, HideBarX, Myriad Beta, MusicDockX, Laetus, Melior, NoCCBar, SleepyTime, and Juice. A total of 66 free and paid packages are available in this repo.

Repo URL: https://www.sparkdev.me/

Morena Repository

Morena Repository is a collection of the best and free jailbreak tweaks by iOS developer Baw Appie. This Cydia Source also provides an essential tweaks like A-Bypass, A-Font, A-Shield, ChatHeads, Axon, Slicer, Edictus, Custom Carrier, ConfirmPasteboard, and ChatBubble.

Repo URL: https://repo.co.kr/

Miro92 Repository

Miro92 is one of the best iOS developers worldwide. He was the developer who developed the uYou tweak. uYou is the best tweak for the YouTube app, which adds many new features, including removing Ads, enabling background playback, and enabling PiP (Picture in Picture).

The best Keyboard tweak named Shortmoji 2 has been created by Miro92, FancySelection, Easy YouTube, iGotBlind, LottieLockscreen, LottieStatusBar, Tranzlo, and YTNoShorts.

Repo URL: https://miro92.com/repo/

Tigisoftware Repository

Tigisoftware Repository offers a few jailbreak apps and tweaks like Apps Manager. (Wipe, backup, and Restore AppData for installed apps), Filza File manager (The best file manager app for iPhone or iPad).

Repo URL: http://tigisoftware.com/cydia/

c1d3r Repository

c1d3r is another best Cydia repo that offers many unique paid jailbreak tweaks like ChargeAnimations, HomeButtonPlus, and PullOver Pro. c1d3r has developed a total of 10 packages, including nine tweaks.

Repo URL: https://c1d3r.com/repo/

ren7995 Repository

ren7995 is another excellent Cydia Source with unique free Cydia tweaks to get the jailbreak experience. This repo contains the beautiful app launcher for the lock screen for iOS 14 named Aperio, Docky (the simple dock configuration tool), Eva, CryptoWidget, CallerID Toggle, Anne, and Croutons13.

Repo URL: https://repo.lauren.sh/

stkc’s Repository

stkc’s is a Cydia repo that offers the best location tweaks for iOS 14, like Relocate Reborn and Relocate Module tweaks. Relocate Reborn is an updated version of the Relocate tweak. Relocate Reborn is a minimalistic GPS spoofer for iOS devices, letting you change your location and fake your GPS coordinates in any app, including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Tinder, Pokemon Go, etc.

Repo URL: https://repo.stkc.win/

iDevice Hacked Repository

iDevice Hacked is the Cydia repo with 38 packages, including 29 jailbreak tweaks, eight themes, and one system package. Animore, BarSpace, BlueLanch, CCBG, Cuboid, FastForwardTime, Togglow, FLEXit, LcokPage, Pluto, Resume, FreeBird, KillMyApps, and PowerSwitch are notable among them. Moreover, you can download all tweaks for free.

Repo URL: https://idevicehacked.com/

udevs Repository

udevs is a Cydia source with 44 tweak packages, including free tweaks like DockX, NoanoFi, Perseus, Gesture, SafariTabs14, SpoRi, VPNIndicator, SnippedCommand, Zefy, BattSafePro, and AirKeeper.

Repo URL: https://udevsharold.github.io/repo/

CreatureCoding Repository

CreatureCoding is another best Cydia Source to explore unique Cydia tweaks for your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. It also provides tweaks like Fabric 2, which customizes the lock screen date view, Cyder tweak, which gives a modern GUI to the Cydia, and popular tweaks to organize your settings named Shuffle.

Repo URL: https://creaturecoding.com/repo/

alex_png’s Repository

Mainly, you can download DarkPapers tweak that adds over fifty OLED-friendly and Full HD day and night wallpapers from this alex_png repo. The tweak also works with the newest firmware on iPhones. Another best tweak from the developer is the CacheCleanerX tweak, which helps to clear the app’s cache.

Repo URL: https://alexpng.github.io/

Julioverne Repository

Julioverne is one of the excellent Cydia Sources in the jailbreak community, which provides over 100 packages in categories like add-ons, development, multimedia, networking, themes, tweaks, and utilities. The most valuable tweaks included are Artworkify, LowerInstall, LockDroid, OTABlocker, fastUpRepo, YTNoAotoPlay, and Alt5tore.

Repo URL: https://julioverne.github.io/

Capt INC Repository

Capt INC allows you to download one of the best backup tweaks for iOS 14 called Batchomatic, TypeCentury to display typing directly from the status bar, WallpaperChanger from the command line., CoomandModule to run shell command scripts from CC and CercubeDarkMode.

Repo URL: https://captinc.me/

rpetrich Repository

rpetrich is another best Cydia source that offers 57 packages. This repo is the place where the most popular jailbreak tweaks are stored like Activator, AppList, Icon renamer, PictureInPicture, CacheCleaner, FullForce for iPhone, PreferenceLoader, and RocketBootstrap. rpetrich is a valuable source for your jailbroken devices.

Repo URL: https://rpetri.ch/repo/

apt alfhaily Repository

apt alfhaily Repository is another best Cydia repo that offers the most famous Rocket for Instagram tweak, and Cercube for YouTube tweak. If you are jailbroken, this repo must be added to your package manager app.

Repo URL: https://apt.alfhaily.me/

ETHN Repository

ETHN Repository is a modern jailbreak repo that provides many modern tweaks for your jailbroken iOS 14 devices. It has a collection of new jailbreak tweaks like MacPass, NiFaceIDLock, NoWidgetLables, ReachPlayer, SettingsButtons, and TimeStamp.

Repo URL: https://nahtedetihw.github.io/

YouRepo Repository

YouRepo source contains over 2800 packages. You need to sign in to the account if you want to purchase and download paid packages. Mainly, the repo has widgets and themes allowing you to change the appearance of your jailbroken device.

Repo URL: https://www.yourepo.com/

Poomsmart Repository

Poomsmart is an excellent Cydia source with over 110 packages. You can install Emoji iOS 15.4, EmojiPort, ForceInPicture, Adguard Unbounded, AppPad, 60fps, YouPip, PhotRes+, SMSGroupName, YouMusicPiP, and more tweaks.

Repo URL: https://poomsmart.github.io/repo/

IBSoft Repository

IBSoft Repository by iOS developer Ivano Bilenchi is a home for the famous iCleaner, iCleaner Pro tweaks, and iCleaner Dark Theme.

Repo URL: https://ib-soft.net/cydia/

Alexa’s garden Repository

Alexa’s garden Repository is a small repo that offers a few tweaks like BatteryBuddy, Eneko, and PomPom.

Repo URL: https://cluda.me/

Alo’s Repository

Alo’s Repository is a repo that offers themes for Control Center, Icons, NiceBarX, and Settings. It has a tweak named Double Bubble Settings, which is one of the best themes for the settings app.

Repo URL: https://alo.works/

Delta Repository

If you’d like to download Flex 3, you have come to the right place. You can add Delta repo to your package manager by copying the below link if you like to add Flex 3 on your iOS device. Flex 3 beta lets you develop your tweaks and share them on the Flex Community Cloud.

Repo URL: http://getdelta.co/

Fouadraheb Repository

Fouadraheb is the official repo for Watusi for Whatsapp tweak. If you are communicating with WhatsApp, Watusi for Whatsapp is a must-have tweak. Mainly, it allows you to change every part of the WhatsApp app to satisfy your needs. It also gives you many new features to apply to the stock app. Adding this repo lets you download Watusi 2, Watusi 3, WatusiTools, and Watusi Sticker Packs.

Repo URL: http://apt.fouadraheb.com/

opa334’s Repository

opa334’s Repo offers many useful jailbreak tweaks like CCCleaner, Choicy, FastSafariPW, NotRecording, Safari Plus, and White Point Module.

Repo URL: https://opa334.github.io/

Sileo Repository

Sileo is a modern APT Package Manager and the best Cydia alternative for jailbroken devices running iOS 12 and later versions of iOS. It is speed and usability. Sileo is installed officially by Taurine Jailbreak and supports all jailbreaks. Furthermore, this repo contains Sileo and libzstd1 compression algorithm used by the APT.

Repo URL: https://repo.getsileo.app/

Zebra Repository

Zebra is one of the fast and fundamental package managers for jailbroken iOS devices, including unique features. It supports most modern iOS versions and provides most features that Cydia does. The best thing is that it is speedy compared to Cydia when refreshing repos or installing tweaks. Zebra is one of the best Cydia alternatives for iPhones. This Cydia Source has only the stable version of the Zebra package manager for iOS devices.

Repo URL: https://getzbra.com/repo/

AppTapp Repository

Installer 5 is a modern, fast, and user-friendly package manager for iOS with many new features, and you can install it with the AppTapp repo. Installer 5 also supports all modern jailbreaks running iOS 9 to iOS 15. You can download only the APT manager from this Cydia Source.

Repo URL: https://apptapp.me/repo/

Pixelomer Repository

You can download over 25 packages in his Repository developed by the IOS developer Pixelomer. Apart from that, the Cydia Source includes a few system tweaks and utilities. The most popular tweak in this repo is TweakReviewsDB. It allows users to write and read reviews of tweaks.

Repo URL: https://repo.pixelomer.com/

iPogo Repository

iPogo is a repository that offers the jailbroken version of the Pokemon GO Spoofer. This repo lets you install iPoGo and many valuable tweaks such as PowerSelector, vnodebypass, KernelBypass, and TweakManager. vnodebypass is one of the best jailbreak detection bypass tweaks for iOS 14 that supports running the PokemonGO app on jailbroken iOS devices. iPoGo tweak bypasses jailbreak detection on iOS 10 and later.

Repo URL: https://ipogo.app/repo/

Satoh Repository

Soh_Satoh is the developer of the ReProvision Reborn tweak and fixed the ReProvsion to sign and install IPA files directly on your iPhone. This Repository provides only the IPA signing tool ReProvision Reborn for iOS 9 to 14.

Repo URL: https://repo.satoh.dev/

Ai CydiaBC Repository

Ai CydiaBC is one of the largest Cydia Sources created by the Chinese community. There are no other repositories where you can find most of the released tweaks. More than 2700 packages are available (paid and mostly free).

Repo URL: https://repo.cydiabc.top/

SS Repository

SuperSecret Cydia Repository offers many add-ons to modify the system’s appearance. You can find many widgets for XenHTML, iWidgets, Hide Satatubar Items, and over 250 add-ons.

Repo URL: https://junesiphone.com/supersecret/

Skitty Repository

Skitty’s gives you 14 free jailbreak tweaks. This source includes Dune tweak (the open-source iOS dark mode), DragEnabler (enable iPad drag and drop features running iOS 11 to iOS 14), FilzaPlus, Spectrum, and more.

Repo URL: https://skitty.xyz/repo/

Midnightchip’s Repository

Midnightchip repo is a Cydia source that offers valuable tweaks such as SnapBack Beta, Asteroid, and HomeGesture (enable iPhone X home gesture features on devices with a home button), BetterSettings to view widgets in the Settings app, and more.

Repo URL: https://repo.midnightchips.me/

DGh0st Repository

If you add this repo to your package manager app, it allows you to install fifty-four tweaks, including Cydia tweaks like FloatingDock, MirrorSelfie, NCClearText, HorizontalVideos, HSWidgets, NoHSSearch, and UndoRotation. Significantly, this repo offers tweaks for older firmware starting from iOS 9.

Repo URL: https://dgh0st.github.io/

UnlimApps Repository

UnlimApps is where all popular ++ (Plus Plus) tweaks are located. You can install Twitter++, Facebook++, Twitch++, Viber++, YT++, Telegram++, Vine++, WhatsApp++, Netflix++, Snap++, Messenger++, and Instagram++ from this repo.

Repo URL: https://beta.unlimapps.com/

Karen’s Repository

Karen Tsai is an iOS developer and has developed more than 40 packages. AppSync Unified was the most famous jailbreak tweak created by her, allowing install unsigned IPA files directly on jailbroken devices. Moreover, you can also download MobileTerminal, JellyLock Unified, appinst (install IPA files from the command-line), or AirSpeakers (use your iOS device as an AirPlay speaker.)

Repo URL: https://cydia.akemi.ai/

Ryleyangus Repository

Ryleyangus is a small repo with a jailbreak detection bypass tweak named Liberty. Apart from that, you can also download Liberty Lite and Liberty Lite Beta versions. Furthermore, AirLock is a cool tweak that automatically locks the device when Airplane mode is enabled.

Repo URL: https://ryleyangus.com/repo/

Gebeto Repository

Gebeto repository contains over 44 packages, including widgets for Xen HTML, themes, add-ons, and tweaks.

Repo URL: https://gebeto.github.io/repo/

Cokepokes Repository

Cokepokes offers 35 packages, including 23 tweaks and nine development libraries. You can download the best AppStore++ tweak that allows you to downgrade & upgrade apps in the AppStore, disable ads, and block updates. The tweak is compatible with iOS 11 and later versions of iOS.

Repo URL: https://cokepokes.github.io/

Shuga’s Repository

Primarily, Shuga’s repo has icon packs, themes, and widgets. The most popular tweak is named Luna by this developer. It’s a free and lightweight dark mode for iOS.

Repo URL: https://repo.shuga.co/

IArrays Repository

IArrays Repo offers jailbreak tweaks like eSim+, CallLogPro, Messages Groups, Bio locker, and Auto SillentMe. 13 packages are listed in this source, which has been updated to run on the latest jailbreaks.

Repo URL: https://apt.iarrays.com/

Brianleek Repository

Brianleek Repo is the official Cydia source for Brain’s widgets compatible with XenHTML. It lets you download the clock widgets for your home and lock screen and imitate Samsung Galaxy S9 LockScreen Clock for your jailbroken iPhone for free. There are a total of 7 free widgets for XenHTML available.

Repo URL: https://brianleek.me/repo/

TDMD Repository

TDMD is another excellent Cydia Source that offers themes and widgets for your jailbroken iPhone. The repo has over 33 free packages, including device information widgets, clock widgets, and car widgets.

Repo URL: https://tdmd.github.io/

hiraku Repository

hiraku repo provides PowerCCModules, Fasttweet, SAndboxiFix, and vLight tweaks.

Repo URL: https://cydia.hiraku.tw/

bid3v Repository

bid3v is a Cydia Repo that provides 17 free tweaks like BattCirc, BoldStatus, Electrode, Piccter, AccountEditor, Pinnie, and randCColor.

Repo URL: https://bid3v.github.io/repo/

Evynw Repository

Evynw’s Repository has a massive collection of custom fonts for iOS devices. The collection includes a total of 142 fonts that supports iOS10 to iOS14. Furthermore, you can also download over 200 best widgets for Home Screen, Lock Screen, and Music Themes. Every package includes a screenshot to see how the widget will appear without downloading it.

Repo URL: https://evynw.github.io/

n-i-n-0 Repository

n-i-n-0 Repository has only one package named XenSearch widget that adds a search bar for your iPhone’s Home Screen. You can use the XenSearch widget with XenHTML.

Repo URL: https://n-i-n-0.github.io/repo/

1conan Repository

1conan is a Cydia repo that offers a tweak to save blobs from your device. Primarily, you can use Blobs to restore iOS devices to unsigned firmware. So, this Cydia Repository allows you to download the TSS Saver app that can save blobs directly on your iPhone. The dimentio package will enable jailbreakers to set nonce without triggering KPP/KTRR/PAC.

Repo URL: https://repo.1conan.com/

nullpixel’s Repository

If you have jailbroken your device, it is always good to back up your device’s blobs. So, nullpixel’s Repository is another Cydia repo that allows you to save your device blobs. This repo gives you a TSS Saver tweak that lets you save blobs with one click if you installed the newest version of TSS Saver. Apart from that, there are a few tweaks available for download.

Repo link: https://repo.nullpixel.uk/

Evelyn’s Collection Repository

If you have a jailbroken device, you can use awesome widgets on Lockscreen or Homescreen. So, this is a great Cydia source with over 200 widgets for the XenHTML engine and additional fonts for your device.

Repo link: https://evynw.github.io/

XenPublic Repository

XenPublic Repository is the official Repository for Xen HTML and Xen Lockscreen packages. You must use the newest version of this tweak if you use widgets on the iOS lock screen and home screen.

Repo link: http://xenpublic.incendo.ws/

AppCake Repository

You can download and install the AppCake app and AppSync Unified tweak, allowing the installation of unsigned, fake-signed, or ad-hoc signed IPA packages on iPhone or iPad from AppCake Repo.

Repo URL: http://cydia.iphonecake.com

Other useful Cydia Sources & Repos

  • Anamy Repository: http://repo.anamy.gay/
  • Samgisaninja Repository: https://samgisaninja.github.io/
  • Dcsyhi1998 Repository: https://dcsyhi1998.github.io/
  • dtathemes Repository: https://cydia.dtathemes.com/repo/
  • Skylerk99’s Repository: https://skylerk99.github.io/
  • eXqusic’s Repository: https://exqusic.github.io/
  • Fr0stDev Repository: http://gmoran.me/repo/
  • alexbeals Repository: https://cydia.alexbeals.com/
  • tihmstar Repository: https://repo.tihmstar.net/
  • jjolano Repository: https://ios.jjolano.me/
  • Henrikssonbrothers Repo: https://henrikssonbrothers.com/cydia/repo/
  • D-Shin Repository: https://jose905.github.io/
  • Classicxii Repository: https://classicxiirepo.github.io/
  • gilesgc Repository: https://gilesgc.github.io/repo/

The best Cracked Cydia Sources & Repos

There are Free and paid jailbreak tweaks. However, some tweaks developers let users download them for free, while others do not. So, you must buy them for a small fee and enjoy the limitless jailbreak experience. What if there is another way to install these paid apps for free on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad?

Therefore, here come Cracked Cydia Sources and Repos. Those Cydia repos allow jailbreakers to download paid tweaks and apps for free. To experience the paid tweaks for free, you must add the Cracked Cydia Sources and Repos to your package manager app. Here are the best Cracked Cydia Sources and Repos for your jailbroken device.

You can explore the nine best-cracked tweak repos to install cracked tweaks and apps on your iOS 14 jailbroken devices in 2022.

I have already presented you in detail about this in the article ‘The best cracked Cydia repos for iOS 14 in 2021.’

  • HackYouriPhone Repository: https://repo.hackyouriphone.org/
  • A Kiiimo Repository: http://cydia.kiiimo.org
  • ReJail Repository: https://rejail.ru
  • Paxcex Repository: https://paxcex.github.io/
  • Strejda603 Repository: https://repo.danielpitra.cz/
  • Julioverne Repository: https://julio.hackyouriphone.org/
  • SarahH12099 Repository: https://sarahh12099-mirror.github.io/repo
  • Panda Helper Repository: https://apt.pandahelp.vip/
  • Arab-Cydia Repository: https://arab-cydia.com/repo/

DISCLAIMER: idisqus.com does not encourage piracy by any means by publishing this post, and this article is only for informative purposes. We recommend purchasing such apps or tweaks to support jailbreak developers. Furthermore, you are responsible for installing or using these repos at your own risk.


So, now that you have plenty of the best Cydia sources & repos for your jailbroken device, you can enjoy a complete jailbreak experience by installing free and paid jailbreak tweaks, apps, and themes.

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