Apple’s next iOS 16 software upgrade will bring many changes, and the Now Playing widget on the Lock Screen is one of them. It has changed the old Now Playing Widget to a simple, beautiful, minimal-looking media player widget. However, for those who want an iOS 16-inspired Now Playing widget on the lock screen on iOS 14, the jailbreak tweak Echo by Hyperixa brings the iOS 16 Now Playing widget aesthetic to jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

That means you can experience just as modern on your iPhone running iOS 14 while listening to music as someone using Apple’s latest and greatest iOS 16 mobile operating system would.

After installation, the Now Playing widget will no longer require the entire center of the Lock Screen, as it did in iOS 15 and previous. Instead, it will be located at the bottom of the screen. They have made this demonstration video to give you a better idea of what Hyperixa can do.

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Although the new widget is more compact, it still provides access to all expected features, such as the media’s title, artist, artwork, and media controls. Echo also has two options for displaying album art, a massive display in the center of the screen or a subtle thumbnail in the widget alone, and the app icon for the Now Playing feature in the widget.

Echo Tweak Features

After installing Hyperixa, you’ll access Echo’s configuration choices through the app.

Here are some things you can do:

Echo Tweak Prefs
  • Turn Echo on or off
  • Change the appearance of the Echo widget.

Some of the ways you can change the way something looks are:

  • Set a custom background color and turn it on
  • Turn on and set up a custom color
  • Configure a song title color
  • Configure an artist’s title color
  • Set up a color time remaining 
  • Configure a time duration color
  • Set the color of the progress bar’s background.
  • Set the color of a progress bar track
  • Configure a play button color
  • Set the previous track button color
  • Configure a next track button color
  • Set the AirPlay button color

You’ll notice that Echo offers a better level of customization than even iOS 16, even though its primary goal is to make your Now Playing widget seem more like it does on iOS 16. In light of this, expressing your creativity is a fun method.

Echo Tweak Repo

Do you like to give the new Echo jailbreak tweak a try? Then you can buy it for $2.00 from the Hyperixa repository. The tweak is only compatible with the jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Haven’t you already added the Hyperixa repository yet? Don’t worry. You can use the URL below to add it to your preferred package manager app.

Do you intend to use the new Echo jailbreak tweak to bring iOS 16’s slick Now Playing user experience to your jailbroken iOS 14 device? Notify us why or why not in the comments section below.

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