Did you update your iOS 15 to iOS 16 Beta to get the latest experience of the new iOS 16 features, such as the wallpaper depth effect on the lock screen? It is an interesting dynamic feature for the Lock Screen on Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 mobile operating system. When you apply the depth effect wallpaper to the lock screen, certain subjects like the date and time display will show you under or hidden by something in the lock screen wallpaper. Since this feature is only for new iOS 16, jailbreakers on iOS 14 won’t be able to experience it since their operating system doesn’t do this natively. However, do you love the iOS 16 wallpaper depth effect on the lock screen of your jailbroken iPhone without losing your jailbreak? Now with the Exiwall jailbreak tweak by iOS developer FoxFortMobile, you can do it.

The Exiwall iOS 14 tweak generates depth effect wallpapers in which you may place a part of the subject in the wallpaper above the date/time on your lock screen.

The depth effect can be seen in the screenshots provided above. The fish comes over the date and time, the mountain covers a portion of the date, and the dog’s ear protrudes over the date. The effect is practically invisible if you aren’t paying attention.

Exiwalls is impressive because it supports iOS 14 and handsets older than the iPhone XS. Only iOS 16 officially supports this feature on the iPhone XS and newer.

Exiwall Tweak Features

Users require high-resolution, well-lit images with a defined subject to function correctly. Furthermore, it works on all photos taken from an iOS device or downloaded from the web. According to the developer, the Exiwall tweak uses complex machine learning analysis to create this depth effect, which happens offline on your device by respecting your privacy.

Remember that the Exiwalls work nicely with many jailbreak tweaks such as Jellyfish, Kalm, Quart, WeatherLS, SimpleTime, Fabric 2, Complications, Watermelon, Axon, Analog, Diary, and DualClock 2. But, it doesn’t support tweaks like Vartaman, FreshWall, Ventana, Helix, Zen HTML, FrontPage, and LockPlus.

ExiWall is not compatible with the perspective zoom feature (moving of wallpaper when the device is tilted).

After installation, users can move to the dedicated preference window in the Settings app to enable the tweak.

Exiwall Settings

ExiWall Tweak Repo

Those ready to add some depth effect to your Lock Screen wallpaper with the new Exiwall jailbreak tweak can purchase it from the Havoc repository via your favorite package manager app for $2.49. Remember that it supports iPhone 6S and above and requires iOS 14.

Do you intend to use this depth effect wallpaper enhancement on your jailbroken device? Be sure to let us know why or why not in the comments below.

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