Recently Apple announced its first Apple store in India called Apple BKC which is yet to open. It is scheduled to open in Mumbai on the 18th of April. Meanwhile, Apple is going to open its second retail store in India, after opening the Apple BKC. The new store is called Apple Saket and will be opened on April 20 in New Delhi. Then, Apple customers will be able to access the latest Apple products and services through this flagship store in New Delhi. With the announcement of the first store, Apple has shared some stunning wallpapers for the second store as well. So, you can download Apple Saket Wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

As I mentioned above, the second retail store in India is called “Apple Saket” based on a place named Saket in Delhi. One of the wallpapers has been designed by inspiring the many gates of Delhi.

Download Apple Saket Wallpapers

This wallpaper pack includes two versions. One for the Mac and one version for the iPhone and iPad featuring a colorful Apple logo. However, we created two versions for each device by optimizing them. So, you can download two wallpaper variations for the iPhone, Mac, and iPad.  Especially, you can enjoy it for free of course.

The Apple Saket Wallpapers are pretty big and should look great on any other phone you have. The iPhone wallpaper is available in 1290×2796 pixels resolution, the iPad wallpaper is available in 2732×2732 pixels resolution, and the Mac wallpaper is available in 6018×3386 pixels resolution. Here, you can download Apple Saket Wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac in high resolution.

Note: This is the wallpaper preview; it is not in the original quality. So, you can use the Google Drive link below to download the new Apple Saket Wallpapers 4K.




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