TrollStore by iOS developer opa334 lets iOS and iPadOS 14.0-15.1.1 users permanently sign .ipa files on their jailbroken iPhone or iPad without having to re-sign those apps every seven days or yearly. (According to the type of Apple developer account you use). You usually have to re-sign when you sideload apps with a tool such as AltStore or Sideloady. For iOS and iPadOS 14.0-14.8.1 devices, you can install TrollStore as a .deb file by downloading it directly from the developer’s GitHub page, installing it manually, or using the TrollHelper package. The TrollHelper package is now available in the Havoc repository. This tutorial shows you how to install TrollStore iOS 14 (14.0-14.8.1 devices). Therefore, you can experience and enjoy the benefits of perma-signing .ipa files.

Install TrollStore iOS 14.0-14.8.1 devices

Following the below steps will allow anyone with an iOS or iPadOS 14.0-14.8.1 device to start installing TrollStore.

Note: In this tutorial, I use Sileo, and the steps are similar to other package manager apps like Cydia, Installer, or Zebra. Furthermore, if the TrollStore Helper package isn’t in your package manager app, you may need to install the Havoc repository. If you haven’t installed the repo, you can add it to your package manager app using the URL below.
  • Open your package manager app (Sileo) and tap on the Search tab.
  • Then, type ‘TrollStore‘ and tap on the TrollStore Helper.
Search TrollStore in Sileo
  • Tap on the Get button.
  • Tap on the Queue button, then tap on the Confirm button.
TrollStore from Sileo
  • Once installed, tap on the Done button
Finish download TrollStore
  • Go to the Home Screen and open the TrollStore Helper app
  • Tap on the Install TrollStore button
Open TrollStore Helper

Note: Finally, your device will respring. Then, you should see the TrollStore app on your Home Screen.

TrollStore App on the lock screen

That’s it! Now, you’re ready to sign .ipa files on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad permanently.

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