All jailbreak developers release their jailbreak tweaks to the Cydia store via Cydia sources or repos. That is, various developers worldwide use their repositories for this, and some do not. Therefore, to get the desired tweak, it is essential to install its Cydia source. There are currently thousands of sources that provide these useful tweaks. But, installing them one by one makes you very uncomfortable.

Furthermore, as you may remember, the design of the Cydia store has not changed to match the latest iOS updates and is the same as before. So, many people like to give an updated style to suit the newest iOS versions. For those who want a clean and modern look for your Cydia, the Flame for iOS 14 is for you.

As a solution for all the above annoying things, iOS developer Adit Kamath has released the Flame jailbreak tweak that lets you add multiple Cydia Sources or repos to the Cydia at once. Moreover, Flame allows you to customize the look of some of Cydia’s features.

Mainly, Flames offers a variety of improvements to enhance Cydia’s user experience. Once installed, it adds a dedicated preferences window to the settings app, where you can configure it to your liking.

Flame for iOS 14 features

Especially, Flame offers many great features. 

Flame tweak iOS 14 settings

Here, you can,

  • Export installed tweaks and sources
  • Shorten Cydia’s refresh time 
  • Add multiple sources or repos at once from your clipboard (Batch Add)
  • Respring, reboot, or return to Cydia automatically
  • Refresh the Sources or Changes tab by pulling it down. 
  • Choose the default Cydia tab when it is opened 
  • Tap and hold a source to copy the URL
  • Auto-Redirect to HTTPS when you are adding source
  • Stop refreshing the Cydia automatically. 
  • Customize Cydia interface

How to add multiple Cydia sources / repos to Cydia at once? 

You can add a Cydia Source to the Cydia in two ways using the Flame tweak as Normal Mode and Batch Mode. The Batch mode lets you add multiple sources or repos at once from your clipboard. Let’s jump into the steps to add multiple repositories to the Cydia.

  1. Copy all the sources or repos from a website or a note that you want to batch add. (Then, they are in clipboard)
  2. Open the Cydia app, then select Sources Tab.
  3. Tap the Edit, and Add at the top of the screen.
  4. Then, a pop-up window appears and asks you to choose Normal mode or Batch mode. Click Batch mode.
  5. Then, a pop-up opens, and you will see all the Cydia sources that we copied above.
  6. Next, tap Yes.
Flame tweak iOS 14 Batch mode

That’s it! The Flame tweak adds all the sources that we copied into the Cydia. 

Note: Flame tweak has not been updated in a while and but, it works well on iOS 14. (Tested on iOS 14.3 – iPhone 6S)

Those interested in trying Flame tweak can download for free from the BigBoss repository

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