Many users of Apple iPhones or iPads are tempted to jailbreak their devices. Jailbreaking allows you to go beyond Apple’s limits and freely enjoy your iOS device as you wish. In other words, people jailbreak their iPhone or iPad is for using various jailbreak tweaks or customize iOS or iPadOS to their liking. 

By default, Cydia will give you some repositories as soon as you jailbreak your device. As of now, there are more than a thousand repos available at the Cydia Store. So, it is not difficult to find useful Cydia repositories or sources that release useful tweaks, themes, apps created by various iOS developers worldwide. However, some developers allow users to download them for free, while others do not. So you have to buy them for a small fee. What if you had a way to install these paid apps for free?

However, there are also Cydia repos that allow users to download paid tweaks and apps for free. So, you can enjoy the experience of them for free by adding those cracked tweak repos to your Cydia. In this article, I will give you the best-cracked Cydia repos for iOS 14

By adding the following Cracked Cydia sources in iOS 14, you will enjoy even more powerful jailbreak tweaks that will further enhance the experience of using your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. 

DISCLAIMER: does not encourage piracy by any means by publishing this post, and this article is only for informative purposes. We recommend that you should purchase such apps or tweaks to support jailbreak developers.

The best cracked Cydia sources for iOS 14

Down below, you can find some best cracked tweaks repos to install cracked tweaks on your iOS 14 jailbroken devices in 2021.

  1. HackYouriPhone Repository
  2. A Kiiimo Repository
  3. ReJail Repository
  4. Paxcex Repository
  5. Strejda603 Repository

HackYouriPhone Repository

HackYouriPhone Cydia repository has been around for a long time. Adding this particular repo, you will find almost all the required apps, tweaks, ringtones, themes, mods, IPA files, DLCs, and more.


A Kiiimo Repository

Especially, this repo is one of the best Cydia repos to download Cracked apps and tweaks. So, you can download hundred of cracked Cydia tweaks, cracked Cydia apps, and themes. 

A Kiiimo Repository has apps and tweaks compatible with iOS 11, iOS 13, and iOS 14 versions. It also supports iOS 14 devices.


ReJail Repository

Moreover, ReJail repo is one of the best Cydia repos to download Cracked apps and tweaks. Especially, Here you can download cracked tweaks in both Russian and English languages. If a tweak is in Russian only, you will see RUS at the end of the tweak’s name.

ReJail repo is a specialty that allows you to download updated tweaks quickly.


Paxcex Repository

Paxcex Repository is also excellent and provides you with the updated tweaks added weekly and allows you to unlock premium and paid features in plenty of applications and tweaks.


Strejda603 Repository

You can download all the Pro and Premium versions of most of the tweaks from the Strejda603 Repository. 


All the cracked Cydia repos mentioned above worked well and tested on iOS 14.3. These cracked Cydia sources will frequently get updated to allow you to find more crack apps and tweaks for your iPhone and iPad.

Panda Helper Repository

Panda Helper is a Cydia repository that offers the most popular Panda Helper third-party App Store with many paid apps and games for free. Significantly, this specific edition of PandaHelper Lite for jailbreak lets you download and install all iOS apps without certificate revokes. The Panda Repo includes packages such as AppSync Unified, Apple File Conduit 2, and Debian Packager.

Repo URL:

Arab-Cydia Repository

Arab-Cydia offers over 1860 packages, including popular hacks for iOS games installed from the official App Store and many iOS apps. Further, it lets you download many popular free and paid tweaks for your jailbroken devices.

Repo URL:

Other Cracked Cydia Repos

NOTE: You are responsible for installing or using these repos at your own risk.

Finally, we recommend that you should purchase such apps or tweaks to support jailbreak developers.

Besides, If you know more repositories to the repos mentioned above, please share them in the comment section below.

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