In iOS 14, dot indicators based on the color status bar alert you when your iPhone’s camera or microphone is being used. Especially, I admire the feature that Apple introduced for iOS 14. However, if an app uses your iPhone’s camera or microphone without your knowledge, you can quickly identify it by these colorful dots.

By default, the camera indicator dot appears green. The microphone indicator dot is orange. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide options to change these colors by default in iOS 14.

However, if you have jailbroken the device, you can change the dot indicators’ colors without sticking to Apple barriers. So, the newly released and free jailbreak tweak, named IndiColor by iOS developer smokin1337, allows the jailbreakers to choose custom colors for their status bar camera and microphone indicator dots.

Once you installed the IndiColor tweak, you can see a preference window in the Settings app to configure the tweak as you like.

IndiColor tweak settings
IndiColor Tweak Settings

You can, 

  • Enable or disable Status bar dot indicators
  • Disable Status bar dot indicators for a specific app 
  • Select custom color for the microphone indicator dot
  • Select custom color for the camera indicator dot

Once configured the tweak, you have to respring the device to apply the settings.

IndiColor tweak
IndiColor Tweak Preview

As shown in the screenshot above, I have changed the microphone dot color to sky blue and the camera dot to purple.

Unfortunately, the status bar-based indicator dot option is available only for iOS 14 devices, and the IndiColor tweak supports only iOS 14 devices. It does not work for iOS 13 devices. 

IndiColor Repo & Download


If you also want to experience this IndiColor tweak, you can download it for free from the Packix repository.  

Do you intend to change your iPhone’s camera and microphone dot color with the IndiColor? Let us know in the comments section below.

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