When you want to know the time or see if there are any notifications, you have to take your iPhone out of your pocket and press the power or home button. In other words, it has to wake up from idle mode. So, what if you could wake up your iPhone with one tap without pressing the power or home button? SmartTap XS for iOS 14 is a popular jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Elias Limnios, allowing users to perform touch-driven actions such as sleep, wake, unlock, and launching apps when the phone screen is off. SmartTap XS tweak is the latest update on SmartTap X. 

Limnios is bringing a new life to Smart Tap X with Smart Tap XS release for jailbroken iOS 14 devices. Once installed, SmartTap XS adds a preference window to the Settings app where you can configure the tweak and its gestures.

When your iPhone’s screen is off, you can implement more actions apart from the wake-up option. It can carry out more gestures like a single tap screen, double-tap screen, swipe up from the bottom, swipes down from the top, and force touch while it is off. Furthermore, it performs different actions like,  

  • Unlock the device
  • Show notification centrer
  • Show control center
  • Open camera app
  • Launch a specific app 
SmartTap XS for iOS 14 Settings

However, if you install the Activator, you can assign hundreds of actions to SmartTap’s screen-off events. 

Additionally, when your iPhone’s screen is on, it allows you to lock your device by double-tapping at the Lock Screen or Home Screen. According to the developer, enabling Smart Touch Detection avoids false touches while in your pocket, purse, or other places. You can disable it if the device fails to recognize your finger taps. 

Using SmartTap XS, you can give your power and home buttons a rest. Significantly, the tweak also an excellent solution for devices with the broken home button, sleep button, or both. 

Note: SmartTap XS keeps your handset’s digitizer on even when the display is turned off, which can use more battery.

SmartTap XS Repo and Downoad

For those who are interested in trying SmartTap XS, download it for free from Limneos Repository. It works on all jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

You can add Limneos repository with the following URL:


Are you going to download SmartTap XS on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below.

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