No doubt. YouTube is the best online platform for you to watch videos and listen to music or video-sharing from your iPhone or iPad. So, that’s why YouTube is becoming more and more popular day by day. But as a free video-sharing platform, YouTube offers a lot of ads. Also, the most important thing is that you cannot play background videos. Jailbreak comes in handy in such cases. However, iOS developer SarahH12099 created the official YouTube Reborn jailbreak tweak, which provides excellent options to the official YouTube app. Mainstream YouTube Ribbon Tweak can disable video ads and enable background playback on your iOS devices. In this article, we will show you how to install Youtube Reborn for iOS 14.

Unfortunately, the developer has officially stopped developing the Youtube Reborn tweak and closed the Youtube Reborn repo. So, SarahH12099 no longer provides updates for Youtube Reborn. Therefore, users who love Youtube Reborn have been looking for some best free Youtube Reborn alternatives for iOS 14. But since SarahH12099 has left the project, a new developer has recently created a new update for Youtube Reborn to support iOS 14.


  1. YouTube Reborn Features
  2. Download YouTube Reborn for iOS 14
  3. How to install Reborn for iOS 14

Once installed, the tweak provides dedicated settings in the Official Youtube app at the top as a button ‘OP‘ next to the App logo. From there, you can configure the YouTube tweak iOS 14.

Youtube Reborn Options Button

YouTube Reborn for iOS 14 features

There are plenty of options, and they are categorized under different categories.

  • Configure Video Options
  • Configure Overlay Options
  • Setup Tab Bar Options
  • Configure Color Options
  • Enable or disable iPad style on iPhone
  • Disable Download button
  • Hide Comment section
  • Disable Cast button
  • Hide Notification button
  • Hide Search button
  • Disable Topics section
  • Enable or disable Youtube Kids
  • Disable Voice Search
  • Disable Hints
  • Reset Color Options when you want.
Youtube Reborn Options

Configure Video Options

  • Enable or disable Video or Home Screen Ads
  • Enable or disable Background playback
  • Allow HD video on Celluar Data
  • Hide Video Endscreen Popups
  • Hide Video info Cards
  • Turn on or off Video autoplay
  • Enable or disable double-tap to skip option
  • Hide Channel Watermark
  • Enable always show Player Bar
Youtube Reborn Video Options

Configure Overlay Options

  • Show Status Bar in the overlay (Portrait Only)
  • Hide Previous and Next buttons in overlay
  • Hide autoplay switch in overlay
  • Enable or disable Captions/Subtitles buttons in overlay
  • Disable or enable related videos in overlay
  • Hide Overlay Dark Background
Youtube Reborn Overlay Options

Configure Tab Bar Options

Youtube Reborn Tab Bar Options

Configure Color Options

Especially in this section, you can change the Youtube app color to your liking. As an example, see the below screenshot. I changed the app color to Purple. 

Youtube Reborn Color Options

However, YouTube Reborn is an excellent alternative for Cercube for iOS for all jailbroken devices. The Download or PIP Button is located in the video overlay (portrait only, ‘OP’ button).

Download YouTube Reborn for iOS 14

Those interested in trying YouTube Reborn for iOS 14 can download it for free from the sarahh1099’s repository. If you have already not added the sarahh1099’s repository to your Cydia Sources, you can add it using the below URL.

How to install Youtube Reborn for iOS 14

You all already know how to add a repo to Cydia Sources. If not, follow the steps below to add YouTube Reborn Repo to Cydia.

  1. Open Cydia app
  2. Tap Sources Tab > Edit > Add
  3. Type the repo address mentioned above. (If you want to add multiple sources at once, you can use Flame tweak for iOS 14
  4. Then, go to the installed repo and find the YouTube Reborn or type YouTube Reborn in the search tab in Cydia
  5. Next, click Install.

That’s it!

What do you think about installing YouTube Reborn iOS 14 tweak? Be sure to share your idea in the comment section below.  

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