With the latest YouTube app update, Google has added an upload button to the YouTube Tab bar to upload videos. It has been placed in the Tab bar among the other tabs such as Home, Explore, Subscriptions, Library, and Downloads. However, some YouTube users don’t like the upload button and consider it an annoying feature in the latest YouTube app update. As a solution, iOS developer Kalissaac has released a jailbreak tweak called Fckytupload that will help to disable the YouTube Upload button on iOS 14.

Significantly, Google does not provide a separate option to deactivate the upload button. So if you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad, it is no longer a problem.

In the screenshot example above, you can see before the Fckytupload Tweak (Top) and after installing the Fckytupload Tweak (Bottom) without the YouTube Upload button.

Additionally, the simplicity of Fckytupload Tweak does not provide special options to configure.

Those interested in trying the Fckytupload for iOS 14 can download it for free from the twickd repository. It supports jailbroken iOS 14 iPhones or iPads. 

If you have not added the twickd repository to your Cydia sources, you can add it using the following URL.


Don’t you like the latest Upload Button in the YouTube app? If so, mention why in the comments section below.

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