When you use your iPhone or iPad, temporary files are stored in the file system that takes a sometimes discernible bite out of your iOS devices’ storage space. In other words, it takes up some storage space on your iPhone or iPad. How do I delete temporary files stored on the iPhone? An iOS developer Plat-Ykor has released a jailbreak app called Dustbuster. It is a new app for jailbroken devices that can help you remove temporary files, the Apps cache, and many other files that occupy unnecessarily space devices. Like other popular storage-freeing apps such as iCleaner. DustBuster removes the above files from your phone with a single tap. So, it allows you to quickly reclaim valuable storage space that is not available to you for other uses.

Significantly, It adds an app to the Home Screen, where you can open it. 

DustBuster App

As shown in the screenshot above, you can check if the app is temporarily clicked by pressing the Scan Now button. Besides, it shows how much storage space is used for useful things. Furthermore, it shows how much is wasted on junk.

This is the free version. But, the paid version is planned to be released by the developer in the future. When you tap the settings button in the upper left, it says there are no options to configure. However, this is only speculation.

Those who want to try out the new Dustbuster app can download it for free from the BiggBoss Repository via their favorite Package Manager. This app supports jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices.

Do you plan to clear your iPhone’s temporary file storage space usage with the new DustBuster app? Let us know your intention in the comment section down below.

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