Users can reveal hidden menus using the haptic touch / 3D touch gesture on the home screen app icons. These menus contain several useful specific functions that are unique to the application. But those options are associated with redundant options. These include options such as editing the home screen and removing apps. If you’d like to remove the abovementioned redundant options from the haptic touch / 3D touch menus on your home screen, a new and free jailbreak tweak called NoJunkQuickActions by iOS developer udevs will help you.

Once installed, it removes all redundant options from the haptic touch / 3D touch menu on your home screen. It leaves only important app-specific options. You can see what the maps app on your iPhone or iPad looks like before and after installing the NoJunkQuickActions tweak from the screenshot below.

NoJunkQuickActions tweak Preview

NoJunkQuickActions tweak especially useful if you use a jailbreak tweak that adds more options to haptic touch / 3D touch menus such as CallFavorites, as it eliminates unnecessary options to give you more space for the options you want.

Users who want to Edit Home Screen and Remove App options from their Home Screen’s haptic touch / 3D touch menus can tap anywhere on the home screen to enter the jiggle mode. So it’s easy to remove apps from there.

Download NoJunkQuickActions tweak

Those interested in trying the NoJunkQuickActions tweak can download it for free from the udevs repository. This tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices. However, there are no options to configure.

If you don’t already use the udevs repository, you can add it to your Cydia sources via the following URL.

Do you intend to remove extra items from the haptic / 3D touch menus on your home screen with NoJunkQuickActions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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