With YouTube becoming more and more popular, people will not forget to watch a YouTube video whenever they connect to the internet. So, there is no doubt. YouTube is the best platform to watch videos and listen to music. But, as a free video-sharing platform, YouTube offers many ads, and most importantly, you can not play background videos. As a solution, an iOS developer, SarahH12099, created a Youtube Reborn tweak that provides valuable options to the official Youtube app. So, Youtube Reborn Tweak could disable video ads and enable background playback on your iOS devices. Various developers have also developed the Youtube Reborn alternative.

Unfortunately, the developer has officially stopped developing the Youtube Reborn tweak and closed the Youtube Reborn repo. Therefore, users who love Youtube Reborn in communities like / r / jailbreak / ask about the best free Youtube Reborn alternative for iOS 14. Among them, Cercube for YouTube is an excellent alternative for Youtube Reborn. 

What is Cercube for Youtube as an alternative for Youtube Reborn?

Cercube for Youtube is the best jailbreak tweak for YouTube, full of unique features by iOS developer Majd Alfhaily. It is free, but there’s a paid pro version if you want to use the app’s full potential. 

Cercube for Youtube is the ultimate tweak for the YouTube app, especially adding the most wanted features, including download videos, convert to audio, disable ads, and playback in the background. Moreover, it enables dark mode, change tab bar layout, managing the library, and selecting the default video quality you want to play.

cercube for youtube tweak - youtube reborn alternative

The tweak works on YouTube and offers all options available in the original app. Furthermore, Cercube gives you the features missing from YouTube, but it also gives you complete control over the app. 

Cercube for Youtube Features

  • Download videos up to 4K resolution
  • Save videos as audio-only
  • Set default video download quality
  • Managing and sharing video downloads to any app
  • Importing downloads to Music or Videos
  • Playing YouTube videos using PiP
  • Selecting video quality on WiFi
  • Choosing video quality on Mobile data
  • Blocking all advertisements
  • Enable or disable background playback
  • Playing videos in high quality on Mobile Data
  • Setting start page as you liking
  • Configuration Tab Bar
    • Enable to disable Explore tab
    • Enable to disable Subscriptions tab
    • Turn off or on Inbox tab
    • Toggle off or on Library tab
    • Enable to disable Downloads tab
  • Reset all configurations to default settings

Especially, PiP (Picture In Picture) mode allows you to watch YouTube videos directly on the Home Screen and on top of any app.

Cercube for Youtube Repo

You can install Cercube for Youtube for iOS 14 from Majd Alfhaily’s repository. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

If you do not already use Majd Alfhaily’s repository in your Cydia sources, you can add it to your Package Manager with this URL.


So, would you like to experience the ad-free Youtube on your iPhone or iPad with best Youtube reborn alternative, Cercube jailbreak tweak? Discuss in the comment section below.

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