Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad allows us to experience many of the new things of the new iPhone that Apple doesn’t want to include on older devices. However, we have seen how to have iOS 15 features on older devices running iOS 14, and today we bring you a new feature for unsupported devices. These famous gestures have been introduced with the iPhone X and are only available on devices without a home button. These incredible iPhone X gestures tweaks enable iPhone X gestures on older iPhones such as iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, and more. Thankfully to the Jailbreak, we can experience them on any iPhone. This guide presents you with the best iPhone X Gestures Tweak iOS 14.

Best iPhone X Gestures Tweak iOS 14

Here are the best jailbreak tweaks to enable iPhone X gestures on older iPhone models. Without consuming your valuable time, let’s jump into it.

Little 12

Little12 Tweak

Little12 brings iPhone 12 features and more to devices running iOS 14. It is also one of the best tweaks to enable iPhone X gestures for older iPhones. In addition to the iOS 14 features, the Little12 tweak also includes the iPadOS features.

Once installed, the Little12 tweak lets you quit any app by swiping up and opening App Switcher by swiping up and holding your finger in place. The tweak includes many options like Comparable multitasking and home bar gestures, iPhone X-inspired keyboard interface, app switcher card corners, enhanced camera app UI, rounded Dock, lock screen shortcuts, iPad style status bar, and much more.

You can learn all about the Little12 tweak in our full review post.


HalFiPad is the best tweak to get the iPhone X gestures on any iPhone. It also has similar features to the aforementioned Little12 tweak. HalFiPad tweak can also be considered as an alternative to Little12 tweak.

The speciality of this tweak is it comes with modern gestures, iPad features, and many unique features but is lightweight and has less battery drain.

HalFiPad Features

  • iPhone X Gestures
  • iPad StatusBar
  • Floating Dock, Split & Slide Over
  • iPhone X Keyboard
  • Dark Keyboard
  • Swipe To Screenshot

You can get HalFiPad on older devices running iOS 13 and iOS 14.

Download: HalFiPad (Free)

HalFiPad Repo: BigBoss


Gestures13 is one of the best gesture tweaks for iOS 14 with iPhone X features. It enables iPhone X Gestures on all jailbroken devices such as home and multitasking gestures, Control Center and Notification gesture, and App Switcher gesture. Officially, though the tweak is compatible with iOS 13, it also works on jailbroken iOS 14 devices. Especially, Gestures13 doesn’t offer any options to configure.

You can get iPhone X gestures tweak on older devices running iOS 14.

Download: Gestures13 (Free)

Gestures13 Repo: BigBoss


ProGesture Tweak

The ProGesture tweak also comes with modern gestures, iPad features, and many unique features but is lightweight and has less battery drain.

ProGesture Features

  • App Switcher: Grid Switcher, Round card corners
  • Battery: Change color, Hide/Show percentage
  • Control Center: Animation, Hint Bar, Status Bar, Padding
  • Dock: Increase Icon Number, No Background, Round Corners, iPad Floating
  • Gesture: Style Original, Disable, Modern, Miniature
  • Hardware Button: Original Button, Press Home for Siri
  • Home Bar: Auto Hide, Show In-app, Lock screen, Inset, Custom size, Swipe Down to Reachability
  • Keyboard: Dark Appearance, no gesture while using, Using non-Latin language, Default/Higher keyboard
  • Lock screen: Face ID & Padlock UI/Animation, No Unlock Text, Flashlight, Camera
  • Status Bar: Style: Original, iPad, iPad Extra, iPhone X, iPhone X Tiny; Options: No Breadcrumb, Swipe to Screenshot
  • Miscellaneous Features
    •  App Style: iPad Multitasking, iPad Landscape
    •  Camera UI: Bottom Inset, New UI Beta, Zoom & Flip Control
    •  Round Screen Corners
    •  Landscape Orientation Lock
    •  No Icon Fly, No Icon Label, No Launch App Animation
    •  No Page Dots
    • Per-App Settings

The tweak supports iPhone 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, SE.

Download: ProGesture (Free)

ProGesture Repo: https://repo.packix.com/


ModernUI Tweak

If you’ve recently jailbroken your iPhone running iOS 14 and want to try out some fun and valuable tweaks, especially the ModernUI tweak is something you should check out. The ModernUI Cydia tweak for devices with a home button brings Home Gestures to older iPhones. It also adds that all the gestures available on iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13 will be available on your older iPhones like iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, etc.

You can add the simple swipe-up to home gesture to any older iPhones with the ModernUI tweak. This implies that after installing this jailbreak tweak, you can use a swipe-up gesture to return to your iPhone’s home screen.

Similarly, you can access the App Switcher screen by swiping up and holding your finger in place for a second, like on a newer iPhone model. ModernUI eliminates the need to press the home button to execute these actions repeatedly.

ModernUI tweak is available for iOS 14 and iOS 13 devices.

Download: ModernUI (Free)

ModernUI Repo: BigBoss


Gesturesi11 tweak adds iPhone 11 gestures and other options to the older devices. The tweak is very similar to the HalFiPad tweak because the Gesturesi11 was also developed by the developer who created the HalFiPad tweak.

Gesturesi11 Features

  • iPhone X gestures
  • iPhone 11 Zoom UI
  • Default keyboard
  • Lockscreen Shortcut
  • Modern Dock
  • Very lightweight and has no battery drain

Download: Gesturesi11 (Free)

Gesturesi11 Repo: BigBoss

SmartTap XS

SmartTap XS Tweak

Especially, SmartTap XS allows you to turn on the screen by tapping it. Simply, SmartTap XS gives your iPhone, iPod, or iPad the feature iPhone XS already has.

You can also use other gestures, like double-tapping, sliding up from the bottom, sliding down from the top of the screen, force touch while it off. Furthermore, it performs different actions like unlocking the device, opening the Camera, showing Control Center, launching a particular application, or assigning an Activator action.

Additionally, the SmartTap XS tweak allows you to lock your device by double-tapping at the lock screen or home screen.

Download: SmartTap XS (Free)

SmartTap XS Repo: BigBoss


ProperLockGestures is also a fantastic gestures tweak for iOS 14 that allows you to lock your device with double-tapping on the lock screen, in Notification Center, or at the home screen. It is compatible with iOS 10 to iOS 14 devices.

Download: ProperLockGestures (Free)

ProperLockGestures Repo: https://henrikssonbrothers.com/cydia/repo/

Are you also looking for more jailbreak tweaks?

So, here are some of the best iPhone X Gestures Tweak iOS 14. If you use another iPhone X Gestures Tweak for iOS 14 that I have not mentioned above, be sure to share in the comments section below.

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