If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, the possibilities are endless to get experience beyond the limits. Seemingly, many jailbreak tweaks are available. However, if you’re just getting into the jailbreak for the first time, knowing where you should start can be intimidating. That’s why we present such dedicated tweak recommendation lists to educate our readers about the best tweaks for specific facets of the iOS and iPadOS platforms. In this article, we will focus primarily on the reachability interface on the iPhone and the jailbreak tweaks that can make use of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 more practical or more exciting. So, here are the best Reachability tweaks iOS 14.

  1. PowerReach – $1.29
  2. ReachOptions – Free
  3. ReachPlayer – Free
  4. ReachInfo – Free
  5. ReachSpring – Free
  6. ReachabilitySheer – Free
  7. ReachCC – Free

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive into it.

The best jailbreak tweaks for Reachability

PowerReach – $1.29

PowerReach Tweak

PowerReach is a valuable add-on, and it allows you to access power options from the Reachability interface in iOS 14. Significantly, the tweak consists of a highly configurable user interface. Therefore, users can access Respring, Safe Mode, UICache, Userspace Reboot, LDRestart, Shut Down, and Reboot from the Reachability interface.

You can know everything you need about the PowerReach tweak in our full review post.

ReachOptions – Free

ReachOptions iOS 14

ReachOptions is one of the best reachability tweaks for iOS 14. It directly redirects its native gesture to a list of power options rather than the reachability interface.

Mainly, ReachOptions tweak provides some of the valuable features such as taking a screenshot, opening Control Center, locking the device, performing respring the device, performing a UICache, and enabling or disabling Wi-Fi.

If you’d like to know more about ReachOptions, then you can visit our full review post.

ReachPlayer – Free

ReachPlayer Tweak

When you invoke the Reachability interface on your iPhone, it takes a massive void at the top of the screen. Therefore, it’s always nice when you will be able to fill that void with something useful. ReachPlayer is an excellent free jailbreak tweak for that, and it puts your now playing media interface into the reachability area.

Especially, the ReachPlayer tweak is highly configurable, and you can control the music quickly and easily anytime, anywhere on your iPhone. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices.

Download: ReachPlayer (Free)

ReachPlayer Repo: https://nahtedetihw.github.io/

ReachInfo – Free

ReachInfo Tweak

ReachInfo is another Reachability modernized tweak that fills the Reachability void with something useful. The ReachInfo tweak is similar to the ReachPlayer above, but this tweak provides a more selective scale than ReachPlayer.

The tweak shows the reachability void with the now playing interface, a clock, a terminal, Calendar events, or even weather. Furthermore, the ReachInfo tweak provides the user to configure it however the user wants. Significantly, the tweak supports both light and dark modes.

Download: ReachInfo (Free)

ReachInfo Repo: https://repo.twickd.com/

ReachSpring – Free

ReachSpring iOS 14

Sometimes, you may need a quick way to respring your jailbroken device without going tweak settings. However, if you never use the Reachability gesture for its initial purpose, you can reprogram the original Reachability gesture to respring your device.

Therefore, ReachSpring tweak by iOS developer Luki120 is for you. It allows you to respring your iPhone with the native Reachability gesture. This open-source tweak supports all jailbroken iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices.

Download: ReachSpring (Free)

ReachSpring Repo: https://luki120.github.io / https://repo.twickd.com/

ReachabilitySheer – Free

ReachabilitySheer iOS 14

You already know that a part of the screen will be pushed down when the reachability interface is activated, and the upper part will be darkened on your device. Therefore, would you like to give the Reachability interface a more aesthetically pleasing appearance that emphasizes the wallpaper image behind it?

ReachabilitySheer is a simple tweak that allows jailbreakers to make transparent the reachability background view on iPhone.

The tweak provides no options to configure and be compatible with jailbroken iOS 12, 13, and 14 devices. You can see screenshots above about how it looks before and after.

Download: ReachabilitySheer (Free)

ReachabilitySheer Repo: BigBoss

ReachCC – Free

Control Center is an incredibly convenient feature of iOS that gives you instant access to your favorite toggles and shortcuts. But if you have a big-screen iPhone, you may find it challenging to access the CC with one hand. So, what if users can access the control center by using the reachability gesture?

ReachCC is also a simple jailbreak tweak that allows users to activate the Control Center on iPhone using the reachability gesture. The tweak provides no options to configure and works jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Download: ReachCC (Free)

ReachCC Repo: https://creaturesurvive.github.io/

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Here are some of the best reachability tweaks on iOS 14. So, if you know more jailbreak tweaks for the reachability interface, be sure to share them in the comments section below.

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