RepoFinder utility iOS 14 brings you a seamless way to add all of your favorite repositories into the package manager of your choice.

Suppose you are an old member of the Jailbreak community. In that case, you know that many jailbreak resources like jailbreak tweaks and themes have gradually transferred to the third-party and developer-owned repositories over the past few years. This was primarily in response to the shutdown and archival of the ModMyi & MacCiti and ZodTTD repos. So, it further exacerbated the closure of the Cydia Store in 2018.

As you already know, jailbreak repositories like Chariz and Packix have grown tremendously today, based on the fact that the BigBoss store only operates only for free release packages.

However, there are now many independent repositories, and one downside of having much more repositories is that jailbreakers cannot find them. Jailbreak developers regularly share their jailbreak sources on social networks such as / r / Jailbreak and Twitter.

That’s why iOS developer HomemadeToast57 has released utilities like the RepoFinder app. The RepoFinder Utility iOS 14 lets users discover new repositories, save jailbreak repositories, and quickly import repositories to their favorite package manager apps.

RepoFinder Utility App

In particular, the app includes a massive database of existing repositories where jailbreakers can scroll. After selecting your package manager, you can add the desired repository in a few taps.

Nevertheless, yesterday, the RepoFinder’s developer made the project open source after publishing the source code on the GitHub page. According to the /r/jailbreak post, the developer can no longer work on the RepoFinder utility project. So, he hopes that other developers will continue where he left off.

RepoFinder has an easy-to-use interface, so users can conveniently browse repositories they need through their jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Also, it offers one-tap-add solutions.

RepoFinder Repo / Download

Those interested in trying the RepoFinder Utility iOS 14 can download it free from the Packix repository.

What do you think about RepoFinder has gone open source? Let’s know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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