As you may remember, in iOS versions released before iOS 13, the Volume HUD is an annoying dialog box covering the screen of iPhones and iPads. It appears in the middle of the screen when users turn down the volume of the ringer or media player. Apple redesigned the annoying volume HUD with the release of iOS 13. However, in iOS 14, you will see a small volume slider on the screen next to the physical volume buttons. In the Jailbreak community, various Jailbreak developers have introduced Best Volume Hud tweaks for iOS 14 in 2021 to customize it further.

So, following volume tweaks for OS 14 also can change the look of iOS Ringer Hud control. Here are some of the best Volume Slider tweaks that work well with iOS 14. You can not download these Cydia tweaks regardless of jailbreak.

Best Volume Hud Tweaks for iOS 14 

  1. SmartVolumeControl3
  2. Ultrasound
  3. Sonus13
  4. Lynx 2
  5. Melior
  6. Orion tweak


Mainly, SmartVolumeControl3 is a jailbreak tweak introduced by iOS developer Midkin for alternative skins for volume HUD in iOS 14. It provides 11 different volume HUD looks. Some of the volume HUD options offered by SmartVolumeControl3 are illustrated in the screenshot below, which includes a notch-friendly option, a status bar-based pill design, and the classic mid-screen volume HUD.

SmartVolumeControl3 tweak

Not only does it provide a theming engine to make the HUD volume look different, but it also provides behavioral options, custom step sizes, dismissal delays, and more.

Those interested in trying SmartVolumeControl3 can purchase it for $2.99 from the midkin’s repository. It supports iOS and iPadOS 13 and 14 jailbroken devices.

SmartVolumeControl3 repo:


Ultrasound is a beautiful iOS Volume HUD tweaks for jailbroken devices that change almost every aspect of the volume HUD. As the name implies, it looks as great as it sounds. Also, its look is very simple. The volume tweak iOS 14 allows you to see the volume level and percentage when you change the volume of your devices. 

Ultrasound tweak

Once installed, it adds a preferences window to the settings app, where you can customize as your liking. It allows you to,

  • Change the appearance as Dark mode and Light mode 
  • Change the look as Iconic or Refined
  • Enable or disable the volume percentage
  • Specify how long to wait before dismissing the volume Hud
  • Enable or Disable Haptic Feedback
  • Enable OLED mode (It lets you view your volume at a glance as you adjust it, while the device’s screen is off)

The Ultrasound tweak is optimized for iPhone X and higher models. 

Note: Although the developer has not updated it for iOS 14, some features work with iOS 14.

Those interested in trying Ultrasound tweak can download it for free from the dynastic repository

Ultrasound tweak Repo:


Sonus13 is a fantastic volume HUD tweak iOS 14 that provides plenty of customization options. Mainly, it customizes the appearance, animation, size of the slider, position of the slider, and more. In short, you have full control of the volume hud tweak. 

Sonus13 tweak
  • Change the slider color.
  • Adjust the volume slider thickness via a slider
  • Adjust the volume slider length via a slider
  • Enable or disable corner radius
  • Enable vertical appearance of the volume Hud
  • Change the background color.
  • Enable shadow and blur effect
  • Adjust border-radius, left/right paddings, and top/bottom paddings
  • Adjust the animation options
  • Enable the Haptic feedback
  • Enable the volume slider in Lock Screen

It also lets you export the changes you have made at the bottom.

Note: Although the developer has not updated it for iOS 14, some features work with iOS 14.

Those interested in trying the Sonus13 tweak can purchase it for $1.75 from the Packix repository

Sonus13 Tweak repo:

Lynx 2

The native volume slider of iOS 14 does not show the percentage of the current volume level. It can be considered as a lack of iOS 14. So, all in one tweak called Lynx 2 has the option that shows volume percentage in the volume slider. But, it does not provide the volume hud customization options. For that, Go to the Control Center section of Lynx 2 and then enable the volume & brightness slider. It also enables both the control center volume slider and the regular volume hud. 

The tweak supports iOS 14 jailbroken devices, and those interested in trying the Lynx 2 tweak can purchase it from the twickd repository

Lynx 2 Repo:


Melior is a jailbreak tweak by iOS developer SparkDev and Dennis Bednarz. It lets you customize the volume slider interface completely. So, you can control the volume level by pressing the hardware buttons or swiping up or down on the volume slider interface.

Melior Tweak

Once installed, it adds a preferences window to the settings app, where you can customize as your liking. We can consider it as one of the best alternatives for volume slider jailbreak tweaks, highly customizable. With this tweak, you can,

  • Adjust widget position or reset position
  • Change the slider background-color
  • Change the slider min track color and the slider max track color
  • Mute glyph color
  • Swap buttons with orientation
  • Show/hide mute indicator
  • Shake HUD on mute

Melior tweak is exclusively available for free on SparkDev’s repository.

Note: The developer has not updated it for iOS 14. But, its features work with iOS 14 well. 

Melior Tweak Repo:

Orion tweak

Significantly, the newly released all-in-one tweak called Orion has the option to customize the iOS 14’s native volume slider. You can change it by going Control center > Sliders. It provides you to,

  • Display percentage on sliders
  • Set percentage position such as middle or at the bottom of the slider
  • Set a custom color for the percentage for light and dark mode separately
  • Adjust the size of the volume slider for portrait and landscape mode separately
  • Colorize the volume sliders

You can download the Orion tweak for &$3.99 from the Chariz repository.  

Chariz Repo:

This article has brought six (6) paid and free best volume hud tweaks for iOS 14 to customize your iOS’ volume hud. But, some tweaks have not been updated for iOS 14. However, they work well in iOS 14. Especially, I have mentioned all the Volume Slider tweak repos along with the tweak review. 

Is there any other volume hud customization tweak for iOS 14 you know that I did not mention above? If so, you can share them in the comment section below.

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