When you wake up your iPhone or iPad, you first see the Time Widget on the world screen. But, the time widget can be considered something that has not changed with various iOS or iPadOS updates. So, iOS developer Sugiuta has created a custom lock screen tweak for iOS 14 called Hinata can change the time widget appearance of the Lock Screen. Simply, it changes the native time widget as a creative time widget in iOS 14. As shown in the screenshot above, it is more creative. 

Once installed, it adds a unique preferences pane to the Settings app, where you can configure it as your liking.

Hinata Tweak Settings

Here you can, 

  • Toggle the Hinata tweak on or off on demand
  • Hide some main features from the Lock Screen like,
    • Status bar 
    • Quick Action Buttons
    • CC Grabber
    • Lock Icon
    • Homebar
    • Unlock Text
    • Weather Icon
  • Enable or disable custom time widget size 
  • Adjust the Time widget size via a slider
  • Assign a new unlock text
  • Change Date Format (If you need to change the look of the Date in a different format, this will assist you. nsdateformatter.com)
  • Change the Notifications position (Only Y-axis) via a slider.

Then, you can apply the changes you made by tapping the Respring button at the top right corner.

Significantly, Hinata tweak changes not only the time widget but also the Date widget. Also, no matter how many lock screen customization jailbreak tweaks there are, the Hinata tweak presents us with an impressively different and creative Time and Date.

Download Hinata Tweak

Those interested in trying the Hinata tweak can download it for free from Sugiuta’s Repository. But, if you have not added it to your Cydia sources, add Sugiuta’s Repository using the below URL. 


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