4ders tweak increases the native folder icon capacity to 4×4 in iOS 14.

Despite the addition of an app organizing feature such as the app library in iOS 14, many iPhone users still take advantage of home screen folders because Apple does not allow them to name and locate the app library as they wish and as well as to configure it.

Despite the release of various iOS updates, the home screen folder has not changed over the years. They still have 3×3 icons even on the big iPhone screens, and some users want to see more than that.

As a solution to the above problem, the newly and freely released 4ders Jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Ginsu comes into play. It increases the capacity of the native folder from 3×3 to a more practical 4×4.

4ders Tweak Preview

Take a look at the screenshot example above. 4ders gives significant space on the first page of the folder to accommodate other app icons. Another feature is that this is visible inside the folder and through the folder icon when viewing it from the home screen. Take a look at the screenshot example below.

4ders home screen preview

4ders Repo

Those interested in trying 4ders tweak can download it for free from the ginsudev’s repository of their favourite package manager. This tweak supports Jailbroken iOS 14 devices. If you have not already used Jinsudev’s Repo, you can add it to your Package Manager via the following URL.


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