Every iPhone users are tempted to customize their iPhone in various ways, such as changing app icons, adding widgets, installing custom themes. One of the usual ways to customize the iPhone is by changing the wallpaper. Setting up awesome wallpapers frequently can make your iPhone screen impressive and give a fresh look to it. However, the device’s wallpaper is crucial as it is the first thing we see whenever we wake up our iPhone. If you are looking for some of the best and unique high-resolution wallpaper apps you can get for your iPhone, here are some of the best wallpaper apps for iPhone 2021.

Best wallpaper apps for iPhone 2021

These are some of the best apps that I use daily to get wallpapers for my iPhone.

  1. Pair Wallpapers & Background
  2. Reddit
  3. WonderWall – Live Wallpapers
  4. Wallpapers Central
  5. Backdrops – Wallpapers
  6. Papers Co Wallpapers HD

1. Paired Wallpapers & Background

Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone 2021 - paired Wallpaper

Pair wallpaper is attractive as it allows you to download wallpapers for your device but not just one, actually two wallpapers. You will have a pair of wallpapers, one for the lock screen and the other one for your device’s home screen. After installed, you will see basically kind of similar to one another two different scene wallpapers.

However, it looks fantastic and pretty cool once you apply them to your device’s lock screen and home screen. Once you move to the editor’s choice of the app, you will have different wallpapers. You can see all of the wallpapers and browse through them from there. It allows you to download them to your device easily.

Primarily, it offers a lot of free wallpapers, but some of them are not free. Once you select a pair of wallpapers, tap the download button, and you will get both wallpapers downloaded simultaneously.

Then, you can apply them to the iPhone home screen and lock screen.

Price: Free (Weekly for $0.99 / Monthly for $2.99)

Pair Wallpaper: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/paired-wallpapers-background/id1536125020 

2. Reddit

Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone 2021 - Reddit

Reddit is not a wallpaper app, but on Reddit, you can find some cool wallpapers for your device. There are many subreddits like r/iphonewallpapers in the Reddit community. So, you will find all kinds of different cool wallpapers there that have been shared by Reddit users worldwide. Once you find a wallpaper, save them to your device.

Significantly, many beautiful wallpapers are daily posted by the community by different links and different Posts, which will make your device look cool.

Price: Free

Reddit: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/reddit/id1064216828

3. WonderWall – Live Wallpapers

Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone - WonderWall

Wonderwall offers live wallpapers. This app is for you if you want to use live wallpapers on your device’s lock screen. After install, you will find some beautiful wallpapers. The cool thing is that they are free. However, it offers a search bar at the top to search for any wallpaper you want for your convenience. Below the search bar, there are also different categories to browse, and you can see some awesome animated wallpapers that you will be able to apply to your device’s lock screen. 

As a developer, new live wallpapers are added every week, so we can expect that there is always something new to enjoy.

Price: Free

WonderWall: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wonderwall-live-wallpapers/id1438794370 

4. Wallpapers Central

Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone 2021 - Wallpaper Central

Wallpapers Central is a service by iSpazio, and it is completely dedicated to the graphic customization of your devices such as Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers and more. Once you open the app, you will see a search bar at the top, and different wallpapers like shared for the day or suggested. Below, you will find all kinds of different wallpapers. Then, you click on one of them, and you can see a download button. Wallpaper Central offers to share the wallpapers and add them to the favourite.

Significantly, it allows users to browse the wallpapers by going to the community’s Feed section and even uploading their wallpapers. When it comes to Live wallpapers, iPhones don’t have that many choices in the stock live wallpapers. But, with Wallpaper Central App, you can also basically find some cool wallpapers. 

Price: Free (Lifetime – $14.99 / Basic – $4.49 / Best – $8.99)

Wallpapers Central: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wallpapers-central/id1527983896 

5. Backdrops – Wallpapers

Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone - Backdrops

Backdrops-app is the wallpaper app similar to Wallpaper Central, and it has the same UI as Wallpaper Central. Primarily, you can see featured wallpapers, the trending wallpapers, new arrivals and wallpapers of the day at the top of the app. Backdrops app has a community tab, and you can download the wallpapers posted by the community. Like the other apps, it lets to post your wallpapers, a search bar to search for any kinds of wallpapers that you want for your device, and a favourites section to save your favourite wallpapers.  

Price: Free 

(Backdrops Pro – $3.99 / Backdrops Pro + Big Tip – $5.99 / Backdrops Pro + Huge Tip – $8.99)

Backdrops: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/backdrops-wallpapers/id1500143735 

6. Papers Co Wallpapers HD

Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone 2021 - Papers-co

Here is an iPhone wallpaper app with gorgeous, high-quality image collections. Papers.co is one of the most popular wallpaper apps available on the App Store. The app consists of a massive collection of more than 500,000 wallpapers. Mainly, the wallpapers are categorized into various categories, and the best thing is that it uploads the new wallpapers every day. Its wallpaper library has been designed with quality, aesthetic and thoughtful wallpapers that are stunning to look at. You can get this app for free from the Apple App Store, but it comes with optional in-app purchases.

Also, the fast and simple user interface keeps more users engaged. One of the most notable features is that it shows you a preview of how icons and text will look before downloading the selected wallpaper.

Price: Free (Remove All Ads – $3.99)

Papers Co: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/papers-co-wallpapers-hd/id963687014 

You can download the above the best wallpaper apps for iPhone 2021, and make your iPhone screen impressive.

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