Even if you install a jailbreak tweak or an app using any jailbreak tool, you will find an entry to the settings related to that tweak in your device’s settings app. You can see them in the settings app just below the connectivity settings and system apps. Therefore, having to go up and down in the settings app when you need to access them is a problem faced by every jailbreaker. But, as a solution, the Shuffle tweak was very popular among all jailbreakers because it allows you to keep all your tweaks together at the top of the settings app. The Shuffle tweak made it easier for jailbreakers to access tweak preferences. However, iOS developer CreatureSurvive has created a new and free jailbreak app called TweakSettings that lets you access all your tweaks on the home screen as a single app.

Mainly, it allows you to load, search, and edit all your tweak preferences in one place. In other words, it is a dedicated app for loading tweak preferences on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad. So, We can consider that the TweakSettings is an alternative to the Shuffle tweak for iOS 14.

Just because of its usefulness, I feel that TweakSettings will be the next ‘must-have’ tweak that will last many iOS generations. The developer has released its version v1.0.3 to support the Taurine Jailbreak and to fix issues.   

TweakSettings for iOS 14 Features

TweakSettings Preview

Once installed, you can see that it has added a TweakSettings icon on your Home Screen. If you tap on it, you can see all the tweaks that have been installed on your device. From there, you are allowed to make all the changes you have made in the settings app. With the tweak, you can,

  • Load and edit tweak preferences
  • Search installed tweak preferences
  • Perform shortcut actions 

At the top, you will see an Actions button, and when you tap it, it lets you perform some particular shortcut actions such as Respring, Safemode, UIChche, LDRestart, Reboot, and Userspace Reboot. 

Tweak Settings is open-source on the developer’s Github Page, and it also supports the Dark mode and jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

TweakSettings repo

Those who want to try out the tweak can download it for free from CreatureSurvive’s repository. If you have not added it to your package manager, add it using the following URL.


Video Tutorial:

Do you intend to install the Tweak Settings for your iPhone or iPad? And want to access all of your tweaks quickly as never before? Be sure to mention your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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