Sometimes you may be curious to know what time it is now. At that moment, you pull the iPhone out of your pocket and quickly look at the lock screen, and you can see the familiar big timepiece at the top. Time display has been the norm in iOS for years. But we do not mean to say that one is particularly stylish. But if you want to make it more attractive, more dynamic, and more informative, you can get a more beautiful time screen by installing a free jailbreak tweak called Klean, created by iOS developer Ali Maulana.

Klean tweak replaces the time currently on your lock screen. This time widget shows the day, date, time, battery level, and weather conditions in your area in the most attractive way. Above all, the widget gives the lock screen a more beautiful look. This will enable the time widget not only on your lock screen but also on the home screen. If you do not want to be in either or both of these locations, you have the option to enable or disable them.

After installation, Klean adds two preference panes for the lock screen and the home screen into the settings application. Users can configure it independently, and you can enable or disable them. Both contain the same options and are as follows.

  • Enabling or disabling the widget when needed
  • Hiding the battery information
  • Hiding the weather information
  • Configuring the day font size
  • Choosing custom color selections for Day, Shapes, Text, and Clock
  • Configuring the X-axis and Y-axis positioning
Klean Tweak Settings
Klean Tweak Settings

If you have finished customizing, a respring button is provided at the end of the settings. Everyone has different tastes. You may like or dislike the options provided by Klean. If you do not like it, do not install it. Klean can be downloaded for free from Packix repository, your favorite package manager. It is compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14.

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