At, we mainly aim to enhance the ability to discover some of the best jailbreak tweaks for our readers. We have identified how difficult it can be to find the best tweaks for a specific facet of your device or app. Therefore, we try to make this article more helpful and approachable. And today, we’ll discuss some of the best Spotify Tweaks iOS 14 to get the enhanced Spotify user experience from your jailbroken device.

As everyone knows, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps worldwide. Many users who love music have installed the app on their iPhones, and thankfully, the company has added more valuable features to the Spotify app by the present.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t provide some useful and exciting features by default. So, if you have jailbroken your handset, you can experience additional functionality that Spotify has not been added.

Below are some of the best jailbreak tweaks to make your Spotify better, and these Spotify Tweaks iOS 14 work well on iOS 14.

The best Spotify tweaks iOS 14

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s jump into it.


PerfectSpotify iOS 14

PerfectSpotify is a Spotify jailbreak tweak that offers an excellent enhancement to your Spotify app on your jailbroken iPhone. It permits Spotify users wielding their jailbroken iPhone to augment their Spotify app with various customizations of their liking. Then, they are allowed to enable a better song library interface, hiding unwanted user interface elements, or like that.

After installation, it provides customization options under three main categories: Colors, Miscellaneous, and Now Playing UI. Then, you can,

  • Change text colors of the Spotify app
  • Change Now Playing UI Background Color
  • Hide some app elements like Tab bar labels, connect button, Tab bar play button, and more
  • Hide elements in Now Playing UI such as Close button, Playlist name, context button, like button, slider knob, time slider, and more.

Note: Some customizations don’t work in the latest updates in the Spotify app. But the tweak is compatible with previous versions before the 8.6.14 update.

Download: PerfectSpotify (Free)

PerfectSpotify Repo:


SpotifyAddToFavorites is another best tweak for Spotify. It makes it more effortless than ever to add your favorite songs to your favorite list.

In another way, you can quickly add songs to the list of your favorite songs directly from the now playing interface. Apart from that, it allows you to set a playlist as your favorite by long pressing on it to bring up the context menu while on the library page, and the same way you would pin a playlist. Furthermore, the SpotifyAddToFavorites tweak also adds a heart icon to the right of the playlist image and title.

The tweak supports the v8.6.60 version of the Spotify app and may also work with the later versions.

Download: SpotifyAddToFavorites (Free)

SpotifyAddToFavorites Repo:

Spotilife for iOS 14

Spotilife for iOS 14

Spotify is one of the best music streaming apps. But you know that it offers free and premium features for its users. So, users should buy a premium subscription to access all the Spotify music app features. Therefore, Spotilife is a jailbreak tweak that gives you an experience of Spotify’s all premium features for free.

You can learn more about the Spotilife tweak in our full review post.


SpotiCentre iOS 14

SpotiCentre is a simple tweak that centers the song and artist name in Spotify’s now playing interface. The above screenshot examples show you that the difference between them.

Download: SpotiCentre (Free)

SpotiCentre Repo:


SpotiLove iOS 14

SpotiLove allows you to add Spotify tracks to liked songs from the lock screen or anywhere with notification, sound and haptic. Significantly, you can add tracks to the liked collection by pressing both Volume buttons together (Volume button gesture).

SpotiLove Features

  • Notification when you add tracks to the track collection liked collection.
  • Add or remove tracks to the liked collection.
  • Custom sound when adding tracks to the liked collection.
  • Haptic feedback when adding tracks to the liked collection.
  • Volume button gesture to add tracks to the liked collection.
  • The love button on the lock screen, notification center, and control center add tracks to the liked collection.

Download: SpotiLove (Free)

SpotiLove Repo:


NowPlayingIcon iOS 14

NowPlayingIcon is an interesting tweak for Spotify that sets the current song’s artwork as the icon for now playing app (Spotify app). The tweak supports the latest version of the Spotify app. Also, it is open-source from the developer’s GitHub page.

Download: NowPlayingIcon (Free)

NowPlayingIcon Repo:


SpotiLandScape iOS 14

SpotiLandScape tweak allows you to turn the Spotify app interface into the landScape Mode View in iOS 14.

Download: SpotiLandScape (Free)

SpotiLandScape Repo:

However, the significant improvement on the Spotify app has a great impact on the Spotify user experience.

Here are some of the best Spotify Tweaks iOS 14 I know. So, if you know more jailbreak tweaks for Spotify, be sure to share them in the comments section below.

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