Typically, the YouTube mobile app plays videos in the constrained upper-1/3 of the display in portrait mode when watching a video. Then, you can get a full-screen experience in landscape mode by rotating your device or by implementing an up gesture on the video. So, how easy would it be to go into landscape mode and watch the video as full-screen as soon as you click on it, without the extra steps mentioned above? iOS developer PoomSmart has released YTAutoFullScreen, a jailbreak tweak that makes it easier and reduces any inconvenience for end-users to watch full-screen YouTube videos. As implies the name suggests, it automatically initiates the full-screen landscape mode for any video you start watching.

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Once installed, implementing the YTAutoFullScreen tweak is simple. All you have to do is simply tap on the video’s play button in the YouTube app. that’s it. Then, it does all the things. The tweak doesn’t provide any options to the settings app.

Mainly, you’re moved to the full-screen landscape mode after the video starts playing. Furthermore, you don’t even need to close the comments box to get the full-screen viewing experience.

YTAutoFullScreen Tweak Repo

If you’re a YouTube app user and regularly watch YouTube videos, this is a jailbreak tweak you should not miss. YTAutoFullScreen tweak is available for free in PoomSmart’s repository, and you can install it via your favorite package manager app. It also supports all jailbroken iPhones and the latest version of the official YouTube app installed.

If you haven’t already added PoomSmart’s repository, you can add it to your package manager by using the URL provided below.


Do you have an intention to enhance the YouTube app’s user experience with the latest YTAutoFullScreen jailbreak tweak? So, make sure to mention why or why not in the comments section below.

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