Ever since the release of the original iPhone, one feature that every iPhone user has been waiting for a long time is until Apple will offer a call recording feature. By now, users tend to rely on external call services apps to record their calls, but they have to pay some subscription. However, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can use jailbreak tweaks to do that and it solves above problem by offering a call recording feature to iOS devices. Here is the list of the best Call Recorder tweaks iOS 14.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive into it.

The best jailbreak tweaks to record calls on iOS 14

AudioRecorder XS

AudioRecorder XS iOS 14

AudioRecorder XS is the most advanced call recorder jailbreak tweak for call recorder on iOS 12, 13 and iOS 14. It brings impressive phone call recording, system audio recording, and voice memo recording with many great features on your iPhone. Primarily, it allows you to record calls from any CallKit services, including Telephony, FaceTime, Skype, Viber, Messenger, Tango, LINE, BOTIM, Instagram etc.

AudioRecorder XS features

  • Record Voice Memos from the device’s microphone with instant activation actions.
  • Record any system audio coming out of the device
  • Automatically sync recorded audios to your Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Assign contacts always to record calls automatically
  • Multiple recordings sharing at once (zip and share)
  • Share your recordings with all supported apps on your device
  • Send your recordings via email, iMessage, or to all supported apps on your device
  • Use your web browser to copy all calls from your phone to your computer easily
  • Assign activation methods to bring up the recorder interface
  • Manage recording automation per app
  • Improved player and built-in visualizer for recording playback

Buy: AudioRecorder XS ($3.99)

AudioRecorder XS Repo: https://limneos.net/repo/

Call Recorder X+

Call Recorder X+ Tweak iOS 14

Call Recorder X+ is one of the best native call recorders for jailbroken iOS 12, 13, and 14 devices. It lets you record all Phone and VoIP Calls such as WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, FaceTime, Line, WeChat, and more.

Call Recorder X+ makes recording calls super convenient. If you want to record Phone Calls, simply click the red button while in a phone call at the top of the call view. While recording a call, it will not dial an external number, and it’s all done natively.

Furthermore, Call Recorder X+ allows you to record phone calls automatically. As soon as you pick up a call, the tweak starts recording it without you doing anything. That means the Call Recorder X+ tweak can automatically record any incoming or outgoing call without any user interaction.

Once installed, it adds a dedicated Call Record app to your home screen that lets you access and play recorded calls, delete, or share recorded conversations from the app. The tweak also lets you configure Activator gestures for performing various actions. The tweak is compatible with iOS 12 or later versions.

Call Recorder X+ Features

  • It supports an internal web server, which allows users to access all of their call recordings on their computer, and directly download, delete or play them from the device.
  • Supports Activator gestures
  • Adds a quick record button directly into the call view (Supports Skype/Viber/WhatsApp & CallBar)
  • Supports Google Drive and Dropbox (Automatically uploaded recordings to your cloud account when recording is finished)
  • Supports Accessibility (Haptic feedback and a Voice notification will be played when recording starts/stops if VoiceOver is activated)
  • More.

Buy: Call Recorder X+ ($2.99/mo)

Call Recorder X+ repo: https://hacx.org/repo/ and https://repo.packix.com/

Super Recorder X+ (iOS 12,13)

Super Recorder X+ iOS 14

Super Recorder X+ is one of the best jailbreak tweaks released by the developer who created Call Recorder X+. This is different from Call Recorder X+ because it has a Volume Amplifier and Voice Changer in addition to the features of Call Recorder X+. Therefore, it amplifies your iPhone Speaker volume by up to 200%. However, the tweak records any Phone Call or VoIP on your iPhone without using an external call service.

Buy: Super Recorder X+ ($3.99/mo)

Super Recorder X+ repo: https://hacx.org/repo/ and https://repo.packix.com/


Here is the list of the best Call Recorder tweaks iOS 14, but as always, we appreciate your comments below if you think we might’ve missed necessary jailbreak tweaks for Call Recorder.

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