If you receive any notifications from your iPhone apps, you will be notified by default by a notification sound with the iOS operating system. But, you can only toggle the sound on or off, not change the notification sound. However, do you want to customize the sound of each app’s notification and distinguish between your favorite apps? Sadly, Apple does not offer configurations to change these concerns. Therefore, jailbreaking comes in helpful in this situation. That’s why various developers have released many custom notification sound jailbreak tweaks. So, if you have been looking to change the notification sound, here are some of the best custom notification sound tweaks iOS 14.

Custom notification sound tweaks iOS 14


NotiSound Tweak Settings

NotiSound is a lightweight custom notification sound jailbreak tweak for iOS 14 by iOS developer Elias Sfeir that allows jailbreakers to set custom notification ringtones for your applications separately on your jailbroken device. It lets you configure the notification for each app, and you can set a specific custom sound for the installed apps. There’s a good variety of custom sounds already available, and you can add your own by copying the sounds into /Library/Application Support/NotiSound.

You can learn all about NotiSound tweak in our full review post.

SmartNotifications 2

SmartNotifications 2 - Custom notification sound tweaks iOS 14

The pre-installed notification system on the iOS platform is easy to use, and you will never miss a push notification on your mobile phone due to its short alarm tone or subtle vibration. But the good news is that Jailbreakers can change the behavior of their notification systems in any way they like. Therefore, the newly released one of the best custom notification sound tweaks for iOS 14 named SmartNotifications 2 by iOS developer Elias Sfeir upgrades your jailbroken iPhone notification system.

Smart Notifications 2 tweak provides jailbreakers with all the essential tools they could ever need to customize their incoming notification experience. This ultimate tweak customizes your notifications by adding custom ringtones for apps, enabling time frames, snoozing notifications, blocking contacts, and more.

SmartNotifications 2 Features

  • Custom notification sounds for every installed app. Users can also add sounds to the path /Library/Application Support/SmartNotifications, and a few sounds are provided by default.
  • Custom timeframe settings can help you avoid getting notifications about work, school, or other things you don’t want to see when you’re just trying to get some rest.
  • The ability to let certain high-priority notifications bypass your phone’s mute setting.
  • Smart Do Not Disturb mode only works when specific apps are open and in use.
  • The best way to make sure you don’t miss essential notifications from certain apps is to set a custom volume level for each one.
  • An easier way to set up LED flash notifications is to only allow notifications from certain apps or set the flash pattern.

SmartNotifications 2 Options

  • Customizing per-app notification settings and global notification settings
  • Setup fake notification settings
  • Configuring blocked words and blocked contacts

Buy: SmartNotifications 2 ($1.99)

Repo: https://repo.packix.com/

Banner Sounds 13

Banner Sounds 13 is also one of the best custom notification sound tweaks for iOS 14 that changes sounds and vibration patterns for Notifications based on filters matching an application, Notification Title, Notification Subtitle, and Notification Message.

Download: Banner Sounds 13 (Free)

Repo: http://tateu.net/repo/

So, do you have any plans to use custom notification sound tweaks iOS 14 to customize the notification sounds of apps that you couldn’t typically change? We’re excited to know your thoughts about these tweaks in the comments section below.

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