By default, you will be notified by a notification sound that comes with the iOS operating system if you receive any notifications from your iPhone apps. Apple only allows you to turn the sound on or off but not change the notification sound. However, are you satisfied with Apple limiting you with their notification sounds for all apps? Nevertheless, do you want to control every app notification sound and set a custom sound to distinguish between your favorite apps? In that case, jailbreak comes in handy. To resolve the above problem, iOS developer Elias Sfeir has releaseda new jailbreak tweak named NotiSound. It lets you set custom notification ringtones for apps separately on your jailbroken device. Significantly, the NotiSound is a lightweight and simple iOS notification tweak.

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Once installed, NotiSound tweak provides a preferences pane to configure the notification for each app your like. In the tweak settings, you will get a list of your installed applications.

NotiSound Tweak Settings

Then, you can set a specific custom sound for inside each app. Significantly, the tweak comes with a good variety of custom sounds out of the box.

NotiSound Tweak Custom Sounds

Fortunately, you can also add your sound by copying the sounds into /Library/Application Support/NotiSound.

Finally, you can apply all changes automatically without having to respring your iPhone.

Download NotiSound Tweak

Those interested in trying the tweak can buy it for $0.99 from the Packix repository via your favorite package manager app.

NotiSound is a tweak that most of the jailbreakers have been waiting for a similar tweak for a long time. As the developer states, he will expect to add more valuable features in future updates.

So, what do you think about the NotiSound tweak? Do you intend to buy this tweak and set a specific custom sound for notifications inside each app.

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