Especially, the notification banners in iOS 14 are pretty large, and when it comes, the navigation bar buttons or the application contents are blocked unintentionally. iOS developers Nepeta and Sugiuta have released a new and free Jailbreak Tweak named NanoBanners (Suguta). It significantly shrinks the size of your incoming notification banners.

As most people know, the NanoBanners tweak for earlier versions of iOS was first released by Nepeta. But this latest release fully supports iOS 14.

After installation, it adds to the specific preferences window to the settings app to configure the NanoBanners as they wish.

NanoBanners tweak for iOS 14 Settings
NanoBanners tweak for iOS 14 Settings

Those options are,

  • Toggling Nanobanners on or off
  • Selecting banner type like default, left half, and right half
  • Configuring a banner dismissal delay
  • Configuring a banner scroll rate via a slider
  • Adjusting the banner corner radius
  • Selecting banner color as default, adaptive, and custom colors
  • Choosing a custom background and border-color
  • Testing the banner you config in real-time with the Test banner option
  • Respringing your device to save any changes you have configured

Although NanoBanners is a simple tweak, I also particularly like these tweaks to improve the device’s usability.

Those who want to experience the NanoBanners tweak on their jailbroken iOS 14 devices and can download it for free from Sugiuta’s repository through their favorite Package Manager. If you do not already add this repo, you can add it using the following URL:

So, do you intend to install NanonBanners on your iOS 14 device? Please, let us know in the comments section down below.

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