You may remember that a nice notification aesthetic rework for jailbroken iOS 13 devices had been released last year called Dayn. Now, we’re excited to share that Dayn’s new version is now available for jailbroken iOS 14 devices. iOS developers Devvix and JannikCrack have developed a new Dayn iOS 14 jailbreak tweak with support for the latest firmware and a few additional options.

Look at the screenshot examples above. Dayn iOS 14 has completely reimagined the aesthetics of your incoming notification banner system. It provides you with many features you’re looking for, such as an edge-to-edge look and rounded corners at the bottom of your notched iPhone.

Apart from the good looks, it provides a feature called Continuous Notifications. It allows jailbreakers to view a whole messaging app’s conversation history from the banner notification without tapping on the notification. This may be useful for context discovery if you forget the topic of a specific conversation.

Another notable feature is the tweak shrinks notification banners to a specific height. So, they won’t obstruct app user interfaces, specifically the Navigation Bar and its buttons.

Dayn iOS 14 Features

After installation, Dayn for iOS 14 adds a dedicated preference window to the Settings app, and then users can configure the tweak to their liking.

Dayn iOS 14 Settings
  • Turn Dayn on or off
  • Select between automatic, dark, light, or black mode
  • Customize Dayn’s appearance, font, profile picture, and tiny banner settings
  • Customize Dayn’s miscellaneous settings
  • An option to test the banner after you have changed what it looks like

We’ll dig further into those option panels to explore what Dayn (iOS 14) will allow you to do with your jailbroken device’s notifications.

Dayn iOS 14 Appearance Settings

Jailbreakers are allowed to configure the following options in the Appearance preference window.

Dayn iOS 14 Appearance Settings
  • Enable background blur of the banner notification
  • Hide/show the banner notification’s grabber
  • Change the banner notification’s corner radius, icon corner radius
  • Change the banner notification’s icon size
  • Set the banner to dismiss time automatically between 1-8 seconds
  • Change the offset from the top of the display between 1-6 units
  • Hide/show the Status Bar
  • Enable/disable a 24-hour Status Bar clock
  • Hide/show buttons in notification banners
  • Enable/disable bold button text

Font Settings

Dayn iOS 14 lets users configure the following options in the font settings preferences window.

Dayn iOS 14 Font Settings
  • Adjust the maximum line count that can display in a notification banner between 1-7
  • Change the header’s font size in banners between 12-18 pts.
  • Change the font size of the notification text between 10-16 pts
  • Adjust the font size of the Status Bar between 12-18 pts

Profile Pictures

Jailbreakers can configure the following options in the Profile Pictures preference window.

Dayn iOS 14 Profile Pictures Settings
  • Enable/disable profile picture displays
  • Enable/disable the app icon overlay on the profile picture as
    • None
    • Glyph
    • App
  • Enable profile pictures for notification banners related to,
    • WhatsApp Messenger
    • Slack
    • Discord
    • Twitter
    • iMessages
    • Instagram
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Telegram

Tiny Banner

Dayn iOS 14 Tiny Banner Settings
  • Enable/disable tiny notification banners
  • Show tiny banners by default if there’s no text in the banner
  • Change the font size of the text in tiny banners between 10-16 pts


In the Miscellaneous preference window, jailbreakers can configure the following options.

Dayn iOS 14 Miscellaneous Settings
  • Turn the haptic feedback on or off
  • Hide banners unless they’ve been expanded
  • Select send read receipts in messages as none, expand, or reply.
  • Finally, reset all settings to their defaults and respring

Especially, Dayn is an impressive jailbreak tweak for iOS 14 and iOS 13 devices. Sadly, Apple hasn’t attempted to freshen up its notification system with the release of iOS 15.

Dayn iOS 14 Repo

Dayn iOS 14 tweak is available for $1.99 from the Chariz repository, and it supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices only for those interested in trying the tweak. If you have already bought the previous iOS 13 version, you can upgrade it to the newer iOS 14 version for free.

So, do you intend to make your jailbroken iPhone’s notification system impressive with Dayn (iOS 14) tweak? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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