The status bar on the iPhone is one of the main components of the iOS operating system that displays your current time, battery percentage, network type, network signal, and connectivity indicators on your device. The status bar on the iPhone has always been home to a time indicator. It allows you to view the time from any interface you use. But how many times have you wondered what date it is?

What if the status bar on the iPhone displays the date in addition to the time? In particular, indicating the date is a native feature of iPadOS. It is still a question of why a similar feature is not yet available for the iPhone.

If you have jailbroken your iPhone, you do not have to wait until Apple officially gives you the status bar’s date indicator. The Timestamp is a new and free jailbreak tweak released by iOS developer ETHN that displays the status bar’s time and date alternately every ten seconds.

TimeStamp tweak preview

You can see how the time and date are shown in the status bar from the screenshot above. It displays the new date in MM / DD format. Significantly, the developer mentions that the tweak is for notch devices only.

TimeStamp offers no options for configuration, and it is a great tweak if you would like to see the date in addition to the status bar time without any additional clutter.

TimeStamp tweak repo

Those who like Timestamp can download ETHN’s repository for free. This tweak supports iOS 13 and iOS 14 iPhones. For those who do not already use ETHN’s repo, you can add it to their favorite package manager with the following URL.

Do you have any plans to install the Timestamp jailbreak tweak on your iPhone? Would you like to go to the Home Screen or Lock Screen to see the date? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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