Usually, if you have many other apps installed on your iPhone, you may forget where the app is on the Home Screen. However, unlike iOS or iPadOS 13 or earlier, the latest app library for iOS and iPadOS 14 and the Home Screen organization have been improved with the new ability to hide apps from the home screen. IGotBlind Tweak is a free jailbreak tweak has been created by iOS developer Miro92 that makes it easy to find apps on a cluttered Springboard.

Ever lost an app and wondering where it is located on your Springboard? I Got Blind Tweak has you back and will help you find the lost app.

Working with IGotBlind is simple, and when you can not find where your app is on your Home Screen, 

  1. Go to Spotlight and search for the app by typing the app name.
  2. 3D touch or Long-press on the app’s icon to invoke the context menu.
  3. Choose to Find Me from the menu to find the lost app.
  4. You will direct to the app automatically.
Find an app using IGotBlind Tweak

Most users have organized their home screens to be recognizable. But not everyone is like that. Some users have too many application icons or too many folders on their home screen. So finding an application out of these can be more challenging than you think.

After installation, iGotBlind adds a particular preferences window to the settings application. From There, users can configure many options of their choice.

  • Toggle iGotBlind on or off
  • Select an animation:
    • None
    • Slam
    • Wiggle
  • Enable or disable vibration
  • Configure custom glow coloring effects
  • And respring your device
IGotBlind Preferences

We think it’s right to use iGotBlind as a useful tweak to find apps from their often cluttered home screens. Those who want to try IGotBlind can download the free Tweak from Miro92’s repository through their favorite package manager. 

iGotBlind Tweak supports iOS 13 and iOS 14. 

If you do not already use the Miro 92 repository, you can add it to your Package Manager via the URL:

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