Many Jailbreakers worldwide have been waiting for the jailbreak release for iOS 15. But it still is not. However, in today’s article, I hope to bring you some of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14.8. Some are free, and some are jailbreak tweaks that must be purchased. Here are some of the Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 14.8.

Best Cydia Tweaks iOS 14.8


A-Bypass Tweak

A-Bypass is a super jailbreak detection bypass tweak for iOS 14 that helps you to avoid jailbreak detection. If you cannot open apps after jailbreaking your iPhone, the A-Bypass tweak will allow you to open them.

Download: A-Bypass (Free)



A-Font Tweak

A-Font is an excellent jailbreak tweak for iOS 14.8 that lets you simply change the font on your jailbroken device.

Download: A-Font (Free)



Ainsworth Tweak

Don’t own an Airpods, but want to get the premium connecting experience? Ainsworth is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to add one of the three popup styles to your Bluetooth devices and wired headphones when you connect them to your iPhone. You can also configure each popup to your heart’s extremely elegant and modern content.

Buy: Ainsworth ($1.49)



AndroBar Tweak

Simply, Androbar brings a feature-packed version of the Android navigation bar to iOS. The tweak is compatible with all notched iPhones & iPads running iOS 14.

After installation, it adds many features such as a home button, switch to previous app button, app switcher button, quick actions to access your favorite apps and favorite iOS functions, bringing the curved screen effect from Android devices to iOS devices, disabling system swipe gestures, and more.

Buy: AndroBar ($1.50)


AnsweringMachine XS

AnsweringMachine XS Tweak

AnsweringMachine XS, one of the world’s finest jailbreak tweaks for your iPhone’s Phone functionality, gives you the voicemail experience you’ve never had in iOS. It allows you to create custom synthesized voicemail greetings for everyone or individual contacts. You may even have your voicemail transcribed into text and displayed in a notification banner after it is received.

Those and other features make AnsweringMachine XS a fantastic tweak for all jailbroken iPhone users.

Download: AnsweringMachine XS ($3.98)



AppStore++ Tweak

AppStore++ is an essential jailbreak tweak that all jailbreakers must install. It allows jailbreakers to downgrade or upgrade apps in the AppStore, block updates, bypass the 200MB download limit, disable search ads and disable app thinning. The tweak is compatible with iOS 11 to iOS 15.

Download: AppStore++ (Free)



atria tweak preview

Atria is a proper home screen layout editor for iOS 14, and it brings a dynamic home screen layout configuration system for iOS users. It is fully compatible with iOS 14’s native widget system, so you can use your favorite widgets while customizing your home screen.

The specialty of the tweak is that it doesn’t touch the App Library of your iPhone, so the tweak doesn’t alter its functionality and visual appearance.

Download: Atria (Free)



AutoUnlockX Tweak

AutoUnlockX automatically unlocks your device to the home screen, with FaceID, without swiping. Especially the tweak is fully customizable and includes an automatic retry setting.

Download: AutoUnlockX (Free)



BadgeMe Tweak

BadgeMe tweak lets you completely customize the icon badge with animations on your jailbroken iPhone. Especially, it allows jailbreakers to,

  • Change badge style
  • Change badge size
  • Adjust badge position
  • Change color and borders
  • Select gradient colors
  • Add badge glows
  • Change badge animations

Buy: BadgeMe ($1.99)



betterAlarm Tweak

If you want a better alarm, this tweak is for you. betterAlarm is a complete overhaul of the stock iOS timer and alarm screen on the lock screen. It also has a beautiful timer and alarm screen. It includes many useful features like Smart Snooze, confirming you’re awake, Disable Hardware buttons, keeps your next alarm insight, and is highly configurable.

Download: betterAlarm ($1.99)


BioProtect XS

BioProtect XS Tweak

BioProtect XS protects your apps with Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode.

Download: BioProtect XS ($2.99)

Repo: or BigBoss

Bird Poop

Bird Poop Tweak

Bird Poop is a jailbreak tweak for GamePigeon that allows you to beat your friends every time.

Download: Bird Poop ($1.99)


CallBar XS

CallBar XS Tweak

CallBar XS is a so-anticipated and best Cydia tweaks iOS 14.8. Once installed, it doesn’t let incoming calls interrupt you while you are busy with work. It supports complete call handling for Telephony and FaceTime audio calls, with all other CallKit calls such as Viber, WhatsApp, Skype etc. It gives you a completely new UI, easier to access with instant dismissal with just a left swipe with a whole new and complete dialer interface.

Download: CallBar XS ($3.99)

Repo: or BigBoss


CarBridge Tweak

CarBridge jailbreak tweak lets you open any app from your phone and use it on your CarPlay-enabled car. In other words, you can open any app in CarPlay. You can give your car superpowers with the CarBridge tweak.

Downoad: CarBridge ($9.99)


CCModules Pro

CCModules Pro Tweak

CCModules Pro is the best Cydia tweaks iOS 14.8 that adds useful features to the control center and increases the usability of your CC. Once installed, it adds Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth expandable view, Hotspot button gesture, Power actions module, contact modules, Music and Volume module gestures to Control Center on iOS 14.

Download: CCModules Pro ($2.50)



ChargeAnimations Tweak

Suppose you want to show a beautifully animated notification when plugging your device into power. So, ChargeAnimations is a tweak that offers beautiful animations when plugging in your device.

Download: ChargeAnimations (Free)



ChatUl Tweak

Do you want to customize your Messages app on your iPhone running iOS 14? For that, here is a jailbreak tweak called ChatUI. With it, you can fully customize the light and dark themes for the Messages app. The tweak also offers colorization options for dark and light modes independently of one another.

ChatUI tweak provides options for colorizing the chat bubbles in many ways, giving the Messages app a dedicated wallpaper.

Download: ChatUI (Free)



choicy tweak

Choicy adds the ability to configure tweak injection for apps and daemons individually. The configuration works by setting either a blacklist of tweaks not to load or an allowlist of the tweaks to load exclusively. Alternatively, it is also possible to disable tweak injection for an individual process altogether.

Download: Choicy (Free)

Repo: BigBoss


ColorBadges tweak

ColorBadges is also a best Cydia tweaks iOS 14.8 that allows colorizing your badges. It modifies badges based on the app icon colors.

Download: ColorBadges ($0.99)



Complications Tweak

If you want to add watchOS widgets to your jailbroken iPhone? The Complications brings Apple Watch widgets to your iPhone’s lock screen running iOS 14. Once installed, each widget beautifully animates and updates throughout the day without sacrificing your device’s battery life.

Especially, it shows all the information you need with just a glance. Furthermore, you can set a custom x/y position to move the widgets to fit into your setup. You can also even choose the number of rows and columns you want.

Download: Complications ($1.99)



Confetti Theme

Especially, Confetti is a theme that has a very different and unique design, not a tweak. If you like to be different and want something that reflects that you are different, Confetti is for you. It brings a unique design with each Icon’s Background. Further, the confetti glyphs blend perfectly with the confetti effect overlaying the Background.

This theme includes 230 icons, two Exclusive Wallpapers inside the Extras folder, and two Icon effects.

Download: Confetti ($2.49)



CoolKeypad Tweak

CoolKepad is one of the best Keyboard tweaks for iOS 14 that gives you the freedom to customize your dialer keypad, passcode keypad and coloring phone UI elements. This tweak is not only a tweak that lets users to coloring the UIs for the phone app, but the developer has added many more features with this tweak. You will love CoolKeypad.

After installation, users can customize gradient background color for the dialer, custom call button shapes, change the keypad radius for the dialer and passcode, and more.

Download: CoolKeypad ($0.99)



CopyLog is a powerful clipboard history manager for iOS 14. It’s simple, easy to use, and compatible with both iPhones and iPad. Especially, it will track what you’ve copied on your device.

Download: CopyLog ($2.49)



cthulhu tweak

Cthulhu is a lock screen tweak that allows customing select the texts below the Press Home to Open and Swipe up to Unlock. The tweak also offers other options for the lock screen features to fit better the tweak custom texts like making transparent the quick actions buttons, hiding the Press Home to Open and Swipe up to Unlock labels and the Home Bottom bar on iPhone X.

Download: Cthulhu (Free)

Repo: BigBoss


cydown tweak

CyDown tweak will expand the functionality of Cydia, Zibra, and Installer and add some nice features, including downloading tweaks from some repositories. Furthermore, it provides useful features such as loading in Turbo mode, opening deb files, blocking ads, sharing via WiFi, saving and restoring packages and repositories, clearing Cydia caches, etc.

Download: CyDown (Free)

Repo: BigBoss

DarkBoard XS

DarkBoard XS Theme

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can also make your iPhone’s screen UI impressive by installing this cool iPhone theme called DarkBoard XS. It includes original Gradient App Icons, TrueDark App Icons, Glyphs App Icons, Dark Glyphs App Icons, Dark Borders Glyphs App Icons, Dark White App Icons, and more.

Download: DarkBoard XS ($2.49)



Deluminator Tweak

Especially, Deluminator tweak converts all your websites to a darker mode and works with all browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. It is also compatible with built-in safari used by apps by Twitter and Twitterrific, and third-party apps like ebay and Cydia.

Download: Deluminator ($2.49)



DLEasy Tweak iOS 14

DLEasy is a download manager tweak that allows you to easily download and share images and videos from social apps. Just long-press on the video you want to save, and downloading and sharing videos and pictures are easy.

Download: DLEasy ($1.99)


Eclipse Dark Mode

Eclipse Dark Mode Tweak

Apple’s native dark mode implementation has come short of users’ expectations, and it can not be customizable. Most importantly, it doesn’t support all apps.

So, Eclipse has been completely rewritten from scratch to bring a better Dark Mode experience to iOS. It is fully integrated with iOS’s native dark mode for optimal performance and compatibility. Eclipse Dark Mode adds a little color to iOS’s dark mode.

It provides many features such as,

  • Dark mode for all apps
  • Add custom colors
  • OLED dark mode
  • Adaptive theming mode
  • Website dark mode
  • iPad support
  • No battery consumption

Download: Eclipse Dark Mode (Free)


Facebook No Ads

Facebook No Ads tweak

Facebook No Ads is one of the best ad blocking tweaks for the Facebook app. This tweak blocks the ads and downloads Facebook videos and stories. So, this is the tweak you have been looking for. The tweak also offers you many valuable features like below,

  • Download Facebook stories and videos by long pressing on the video)
  • Choosing Only Me for your profile picture
  • Disable Story Seen (See friends’ stories without letting them know)
  • HideComposer on News Feed, and Stories on News Feed
  • Download: Facebook No Ads (Free)

Download: Facebook No Ads (Free)



Folded Tweak

Folded is the most complete and best folder tweak for iOS 14 to date that allows you to customize your folders as much as you can imagine. This tweak has been created by merging Cartella and Foldy tweaks.

It provides you with many new features, and it’s unable to mention all those features. Therefore, you can visit the link provided below to know more details.

Download: Folded (Free)



FolderArtwork Tweak

FolderArtwork is also a folder tweak that lets you change the background color of the folder or add a new image to it. This tweak is also one of the best Cydia Tweaks iOS 14.8 that enables you to customize folders on your jailbroken iPhone.

Download: FolderArtwork (Free)



Grupi Tweak

Grupi is one of the best notification tweaks for iOS 14 that gives you a refreshing look at your notifications on the lock screen. Especially, it seamlessly integrates with iOS and features to keep it classy and functional. It offers,

  • Beautiful pill-shaped notification groups design.
  • DARKmode to join the dark side.
  • Original iOS blur view
  • Nonobstructive mini media player integration
  • Quickly remove a notification group with a single tap.
  • Beautiful settings panel for quick custom features (enable the icon preview on the notification banner, dark mode, and square icons)

Download: Grupi ($1.99)



IconRenamer Tweak

IconRenamer allows jailbreakers to rename icons from your SpringBoard easily. Simply tap and hold to enter jiggle mode, then tap the icon you want to rename.

Download: IconRenamer (Free)

Repo: and BigBoss

Instagram No Ads

Instagram No Ads is a free and lightweight Instagram tweak that lets you remove feed and story ads.

Download: Instagram No Ads (Free)

Repo: BigBoss


IntelligentPass 4 Tweak

Apple uses several ways to protect privacy in iOS devices, such as a passcode or biometric authentication like Face ID or Touch ID. Then, your iPhone or iPad will be more secure. But, such methods are unnecessary when you are alone in your home or not in such a risky environment. So, you can avoid the hassle of entering a passcode or authenticating with a Face ID or Touch ID. IntelligentPass 4 tweak comes in handy.

IntelligentPass 4 tweak intelligently stops your iOS native passcode or authentication requirement in low-risk environments like when you are at home. It automatically reactivates passcode or authentication requirements when you exit a low-risk environment.

You can learn more about the IntelligentPass 4 tweak from our full review article.


Laetus tweak

Laetus is one of the best keyboard tweaks for iOS 14 that provides almost unlimited ways to customize the iOS keyboard. It includes different types of theming, like changing background, text, and tint colors, choosing an image from your photo gallery to display in the background, and more.

Download: Laetus (Free)



lockshut tweak

LockShut is the piece of software that Apple forgot to add in terms of security to iOS. It is a new tool against thieves or ignoring your device at a party, only for someone to shut it down.

It brings new, never-before-seen features like the fake shutdown, enabling all the connectivity in your device. Therefore, you can track it down, and other features like authentication to shut down.

Download: LockShut ($0.99)



LPMAutoLockTime tweak lets you set a custom time for an auto lock while on low power mode. No more 30-second lock time, and it works on iOS 12, 13, and 14.

Download: LPMAutoLockTime (Free)



Lumi Tweak

Lumi is a computational photography tweak designed by foxfortmobile to take better and brighter photos in low light. It uses LONG exposures by capturing several images to reduce noise and smartly merging them to enhance your low-light photos.

Download: Lumi ($3.99)


Lynx 2

Lynx 2 Tweak

Lynx 2 is an ultimate device customization tweak for iOS 14, which provides many options to personalize your jailbroken device. Further, it is one of the best all-in-one jailbreak customize tweaks for iOS 14 and one of the best Springtomize 5 alternatives for iOS 14 in 2022. Once installed, it adds a slightly wider preferences window to the settings app, where users can configure endless options for the entire user interface in iOS 14.

Download: Lynx 2 ($1.99)


Magma Evo

magma evo tweak

Magma Evo is a feature-packed customization tweak for your Control Center, which lets you redefine your Control Center. It changes the color of every module by rearranging the Connectivity toggles to remove the dark container background around the modules. The tweak is compatible with the CCModules, PowerModule, and Prysm.

Download: Magma Evo ($2.99)


Messenger No Ads

Messenger No Ads hides Ads on the Messenger app on your device. It supports Messenger and Messenger Lite and is compatible with all iOS versions. Once installed, it provides no preferences.

Download: Messenger No Ads (Free)

Repo: BigBoss


Mimport Tweak

Mimport imports media directly from Music App. It supports Audio files: mp3, m4a, m4r, aac, wav, AIF, AIFF, aifc, caf, amr, and Video files: mp4, m4v, MOV, 3gp.

Download: Mimport (Free)


Mitsuha Forever

mitsuha forever tweak

Mitsuha Forever is a real-time audio visualizer for now playing music. It allows you to display wave, bar, line, Siri, or dots styles as audio visualization inside apps when you play music on Apple Music and Spotify. Furthermore, Mitsuha also lets for visualizations below the lock screen and home screen.

Download: Mitsuha Forever (Free)



Does hates that badge count on Messages when muted chats arrive? Mshut automatically marks those messages as read. Simply, it truly mutes chats and blocks calls on iOS 14.

Download: Mshut (Free)


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