At present, most iPhone and iPad users own a Mac. But Apple hasn’t included certain features to iOS or iPadOS that exist in macOS. Fortunately, if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you can customize your iOS or iPadOS by adding macOS-inspired features. Today’s article will focus on some of the best macOS-inspired jailbreak tweaks for jailbreakers using iOS or iPadOS 14. Here are some of the best macOS jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14.

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The best macOS jailbreak tweaks iOS 14

LendMyPhone 4

LendMyPhone 4 Tweak

One of Apple’s best things for a Mac is Guest Mode. But the feature isn’t currently available on the iPhone or iPad. This Guest Mode feature lets friends or whoever access your device using a separate user account. Without accessing your private and personal files and information, they can use your device.

LendMyPhone 4 is the best jailbreak tweak that helps to replicate this Guest Mode experience on your iPhones and iPads running iOS 14 or iPadOS 14. The tweak does it by letting the primary user create a guest account and limiting to specific apps and functions that protect the primary user’s private data and information from the others.

LendMyPhone 4 Features

  • Hidden Apps: Select which apps to show on the home screen for each user, and all other apps will be hidden as they have never been installed. Especially, those apps will not even show up in the multitasking app switcher.
  • Control Center: Select whether a user can open and interact with the control center.
  • Icon Editing: Select whether a user can change your pre-set icon layout on their home screen.
  • Multitasking: Select whether the user can kill whitelisted apps. That way, you can know exactly what the guest user has been doing or not. Also, you can completely disable the multitasking app switcher for each user individually.
  • Notification Center: Select whether a user can open and interact with the notification center.
  • Spotlight: Select whether a user can open the spotlight search on the home screen.

Buy: LendMyPhone 4 ($3.99)

LendMyPhone 4 Repo:


Destra Tweak

One of the best jailbreak tweaks to make your iPhone or iPad notifications more macOS-inspired is Destra. It’s quite a bit different than Are You Sure tweak. It focuses on the actual notification banners instead of prompts and pop-up alerts. However, it’s a great way to add macOS flavor notifications features to your iPad.

Simply, DESTRA gives your notifications a MacOS inspired look for iPad by removing all background blurs that might appear with your notifications to make them feel more integrated and provide a true desktop/laptop feel.

Buy: Destra ($0.99)

Destra Repo:

Are You Sur?

Are You Sur Jailbreak Tweak

Do you want to try out macOS Big Sur-inspired alerts and prompts for iOS 14? Then, if you have jailbroken, you can add some of macOS Big Sur’s design language to your jailbroken iPhone or iPad by installing a free jailbreak tweak named Are You Sur by iOS developer MTAC?

It offers macOS Big Sur-inspired alerts and prompts for iOS 14. Are You Sur? Tweak provides all of your alert and prompt interfaces with a macOS Big Sur-inspired makeover.

You can find out more about Are You Sur tweak from our full review post.


BigSurCenter jailbreak Tweak

Since Apple released the macOS Big Sur, many aesthetics and new features have been added to it. Especially the new Control Center is one of them. However, iOS’s control center has not changed significantly since it was released iOS. So if you do not much like it, you can install the jailbreak tweak called BigSurCenter that brings the macOS Big Sir-inspired Control Center for iOS and iPadOS devices.

You can learn more about the BigSurCenter tweak in our full review post and how it works.

Dock Indicators

Dock Indicators Tweak

Once we log in to the mac, we can see one of the signature features of macOS is the Dock. iPhone and iPad also have their Dock, but they are not as advanced as macOS.

Dock Indicators jailbreak tweak is one way to get a macOS Dock-inspired feature on the iPhone and iPad. It focuses on the app icon indicators that indicate whether or not the app is running in the background.

Download: Dock Indicators (Free)

Dock Indicators Repo:


MacPass Tweak For iOS 14

You can download Apple’s latest OS, the macOS Monterey. It’s fascinating. However, they released iOS operating system updates year after year, but the iPhone login screen has not changed much. So, those who want to change the iPhone login screen like macOS Monterey operating system login screen? This helps you to get a macOS login screen on your iPhone.

MacPass is a new and free jailbreak tweak that brings macOS Monterey Login Screen to any iPhone.

You can find out more about MacPass tweak in our full review post.


Xenon Tweak

Xenon is the best tweak, making it easy to access your iOS device’s filesystem from your PC or Mac without implementing a command line. With Xenon, getting photos off your phone from any OS is easy. No fiddling around with iCloud’s Web UI or a USB connection. Just open up your native file manager and grab the photos, App Data, Local Files, and anything remotely.

Unfortunately, according to the developer, the tweak isn’t available to purchase. However, it is worth mentioning how much the tweak is useful. Fortunately, it can still be downloaded from the hosting repository for anyone who already has it.

Buy: Xenon ($0.99)

Xenon Repo:


Touchbar Tweak

This Touchbar jailbreak tweak brings a MacBook Pro-inspired floating Touch Bar UI to your jailbroken device by enabling you to implement actions with a single touch. According to the developer, the tweak is compatible with iOS 14 with Activator support.

Buy: Touchbar ($0.99)

Touchbar Repo:


Boardy Tweak

Boardy is a tweak that allows you to sync your clipboard with your PC seamlessly. You can copy something on your device and paste it onto your personal computer. Importantly, the tweak supports all desktop operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows.

It can,

Sync text between PC and the iPhone

Copy an image from the iPhone to the PC

Buy: Boardy ($1.99)

Boardy Repo:

Are you looking for more specialized jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14?

Of course, those are Some of the best macOS jailbreak tweaks iOS 14. If I have missed something, please share them by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

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