At, we make it a top priority to help our readers find the best Jailbreak tweaks for their iPhone, which is why we take the time to categorize for you to quickly find the best Jailbreak tweaks for specific facets in iOS 14. Today’s article presents some of the best Jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14’s App Library. Here are some of the best App Library tweaks iOS 14.

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The best App Library Tweaks iOS 14

App Library Enabler

Apple released iOS 14 with the App Library feature, but not for iPadOS 14. But Apple took time to implement the App Library until iPadOS 15, which was the biggest complaint. App Library Enabler is a simple jailbreak tweak that enables the App Library on iPadOS 14.

Download: App Library Enabler (Free)

App Library Enabler Repo: BigBoss


Especially, one of the things I’ve seen about iPadOS 15 is the App Library icon that displays on the right side of the Dock in Home Screen. You can navigate the App Library more easily by tapping on it to view all your apps at once.

Recents is a jailbreak tweak that brings the exact iPadOS 15’s Dock-based App Library shortcut functionality to jailbroken iPhones.

Download: Recents (Free)

Recents Repo:

App Library Shortcut

App Library Shortcut tweak

App Library Shortcut is a free and essential jailbreak tweak that adds a shortcut to access the app library anywhere on the Home Screen in iOS 14. Once installed, you will open App Library quickly without swiping many pages on the home screen. Users can move and place it anywhere on the home screen like the other app icons.

You can learn all about App Library Shortcut in our full review post.

Vinculum 2

Vinculum 2 iOS 14

As you know, the App Library is an additional page at the end of the home screen that categorizes your installed apps on iOS 14. However, if you want to access App Library; you have to pass all the pages on the Home Screen. Therefore, Vinculum 2 tweak has been developed for easy access.

Vinculum 2 is one of the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14’s App Library that relocates the app library from the last page to under the dock for quick and easy access. Simply, you can summon the App Library by performing a simple swipe-up gesture from the dock.

You can learn all about Vinculum 2 tweak in our full review post.

App Library Disabler

App Library Disabler Jailbreak Tweak iOS 14
App Library Disabler Jailbreak Tweak iOS 14

With iOS 14, Apple introduced one of the most significant changes to the iPhone with new features: the App Library. It’s a new feature that displays all of your iPhone’s apps on a single page. The App Library feature automatically organizes all of your apps, including newly downloaded apps suggestions on your Home Screen.  However, although many users have already started to adapt to it, others have not.

App Library Disabler is a simple tweak, and it does what its name implies. But if one dislikes iOS 14’s App Library, it completely disables the App Library on their iPhone.

You can learn all about App Library Disabler tweak in our full review post.


SmoothAppLibrary tweak iOS 14

SmoothAppLibrary is also one of the best App Library Tweaks iOS 14 that hides the sectional/folders backgrounds from iOS 14’s App Library. Simply, users can hide the individual backgrounds behind App Library sections for a smooth aesthetic interface.

Then, it brings the opportunity to have a cleaner look when using the App Library on your iOS 14 jailbreak device.

Download: SmoothAppLibrary (Free)

SmoothAppLibrary Repo: BigBoss

App Library Controller

App Library Controller Tweak iOS 14

Especially, as implied by the tweak name, App Library Controller takes control of your iPhone’s App Library in iOS 14. Some jailbreakers may like to customize the App Library instead of disabling it. Therefore, the App Library Controller tweak allows you to customize various App Library-centric parameters, including the labels, categories, and category backgrounds.

App Library Controller Features

  • Select UI Style of App Library (Default, Light, Dark)
  • Select Mode (Enabled, Alphabetic List only, Disabled)
  • Newly Downloaded Apps – Add to Home Screen/App Library Only
  • Show/Hide Notification Badges (also in Alphabetic List)
  • Alphabetic List Settings
    • Enable or Disable Rounded Search Field
    • Choose List Headers (Default/Enabled/Disabled)
  • Categories Settings
    • Show or Hide Labels of Categories
    • Show or Hide Background of Categories
  • Folders Settings
    • Show or Hide Titles inside Folders
    • Show or Hide Labels inside Folders
    • Activator Listeners
    • Hide or Show App Library

Download: App Library Controller (Free)

App Library Controller Repo: BigBoss

Lynx 2

Lynx 2 iOS 14

Lynx 2, as an all-in-one customization tweak for iOS 14, also has options to customize the iOS 14’s App Library. Under the App Library section, it includes many features such as,

  • Hide the App Libray
  • Open App Libray in list mode
  • Hide background blur
  • Hide category name, App labels, Folder titles
  • And more.

Buy: Lynx 2 ($1.99)

Lynx 2 Repo:

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