App Library Shortcut allows accessing the app library from anywhere on the Home Screen.

App Library is one of the most remarkable changes Apple has ever made to the iPhone with new features with iOS 14. It is a new feature that provides a one-page layout of all apps on your iOS device. App library feature organizes all the apps automatically like newly downloaded apps, suggestions, at last, Home Screen. Further, it also provides a Search function that allows users to find the software they are looking for. 

However, some developers have created many apps and tweaks to customize the App Library in iOS 14. No one had developed any tweaks or apps to open the App Library anywhere on Home Screen. I have seen various questions and discussions on a social community like /r/jailbreak/ and social sites where users express how to open the App Library using an icon instead of moving to the last page on the Home Screen. 

I feel Apple had put it in the wrong place when it was introduced in iOS 14.

App Library Shortcut tweak

Although some users prefer the App Library, most users’ attitude towards it is that the App Library is super. But I don’t want to swipe 5 or 10 pages to the right every time on the Home Screen I want to use it. If you do not like to show the App Library, at last, you can disable it using a jailbreak tweak called App Library Disabler

As a solution to that, iOS developer exodia9610 has created and released a free jailbreak tweak called App Library Shortcut that creates a shortcut to open the App Library anywhere on the Home Screen with an icon. 

Significantly, this tweak adds an app to the Home Screen, which can open the App Library. Another essential feature is, you can also move it or place it anywhere on Home Screen. 

App Library Shortcut tweak does not provide any options to configure. Once you installed it, an icon is added to the Home Screen. So one tap will take you to the App Library wherever you are.

App Library Shortcut, the free tweak, is available to download from the Packix repository

We hope Apple will add this feature to all versions of iOS 14 or later in the future. Till then, Jailbreakers have to use the above tweak to access the App Library quickly.

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