Apple released one of the latest features for the Home screen called app library in iOS 14. That was the first thing that stood out to me. However, it was available for smaller mobile phones such as the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unfortunately, Apple has not added it as a new feature for the iPadOS 14. That is, the app library is not available in iPadOS 14 by default. I think most users use the app library on the iPhone to keep the home screen organized. Therefore, not just for iPhone and iPod touch users, Apple should add a feature to iPadOS 14 that will help iPad users keep their home screen organized by using it. But fortunately, iOS developer PoomSmart has developed a new App Library for iPad Jailbreak Tweak that allows jailbreakers to enable the app library on their jailbroken iPad.

However, despite the large display on the iPad, the app library in landscape orientation is not maximized. Because the Apple App Library is designed to support the iPhone display, we can assume that PoomSmart will fix this in a future update. But, it seems to fit the portrait orientation of the iPad.

App Library for iPad Repo & Download

If you would like to bring a new iOS 14’s App Library to jailbroken iPads on iPadOS 14, you can download it for free from PoomSmart’s Repository. Significantly, the tweak is only for Jailbroken iPad running iPadOS 14. Also, the tweak is open-source on PoomSmart’s GitHub Page.

If you haven’t already used PoomSmart’s repository in the package manager on your device, you can add it using the following URL.

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