Most iOS 14 users are already familiar with the app library, which is the latest feature to released with iOS 14. It is an additional page at the end of the home screen that categorizes your installed applications. But some users do not like the app library for some reasons. Therefore, they are tempted to disable the App Library in iOS 14. Especially, users do not like the way it opens, and it isn’t enjoyable as users have to pass all the pages on the Home Screen to open it. As a solution, iOS developer William Vabrinskas relocates the app library below the Home Screen’s Dock with the newly released jailbreak tweak, Vinculum 2 iOS 14.

Note: App Library Shortcut is a jailbreak tweak that creates a shortcut to open the App Library anywhere on the Home Screen with an icon in iOS 14. Significantly, this tweak adds an app to the Home Screen, which can open the App Library. Furthermore, you can move the icon or place it anywhere on Home Screen. 

According to the screenshot above, tweak changes the appearance of your iPhone Dock after installation. Once it is fully open, the app library looks like the app drawer on an Android device. Of course, the new Vinculum 2 is the same as the original Vinculum, and the interface also retains its search bar. So there is no functionality lost, and the developer has relocated it.

Vinculum 2 disables the app library on the right side of the home screen and prevents redundant interfaces. After installation, Vinculum 2 adds a unique preferences window to the settings app that allows users to configure several options.

Vinculum 2 iOS 14 tweak Options

  • Toggle Vinculum 2 on or off on demand
  • Show the search field first
Vinculum 2 iOS 14 Settings

If you’d like to try out Winkulam 2, you can purchase it at the Packix repository for $0.99. The upgrade is for iOS 14 devices only, depending on the application library interface.

How would you like to access the App Library on your iPhone? Are you planning to download Vinculum 2? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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