Not surprisingly, as a jailbreaker, you have been using the Cydia package manager for a long time. But, various jailbreak developer teams have created alternatives to the Cydia app, such as Zebra, Sileo, etc. However, you may need to switch from your Cydia to another package manager for some reason. But, how do you add useful repos / sources that you have been adding to Cydia for a long time to the new package manager? Do not worry, and this simple guide shows you how to import Cydia sources to Zebra in iOS 14 in easy steps.

If you have installed many Cydia sources/repos, Tweaks, and themes on your iPhone or iPad, backup Cydia tweaks is a better idea.  

Import Cydia sources to Zebra in iOS 14

If you are prepared to import Cydia sources to Zebra in iOS 14 on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad, follow the steps below.

Note: Before doing that, you need to install Zebra for your jailbroken iOS 14 device. Then,

  • Open the Zebra app from the Home Screen.
  • Tap on the Community Sources from the Home tab (See the screenshot below)
  • Next, tap on the Cydia link under the Transfer Sources at the top of the interface.
  • Then, a new window opens and displays all the sources that you have already installed in the Cydia app. 
  • Select all sources or select only the sources you want to reinstall to Zebra. (By default, all the sources have been selected)
  • Then, tap on the Import button at the top left corner.
import Cydia sources to Zebra
  • A pop-up window opens and asks you to confirm the action. Tap Yes.
  • Then, Zebra now imports the Sources/repositories to the Zebra’s sources from the Cydia.
importing Cydia sources to Zebra
  • You should now see all the sources you selected have been installed in the Zebra app.

That’s it!

So, importing Cydia sources to Zebra in iOS 14 is very easy. 

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