Finding apps on Apple’s iPhone home screen is tricky if many apps are installed as apps are arranged in a disorganized grid of icons with small labels. By jailbreaking your iOS device, you can install third-party jailbreak tweaks that modify the iOS to customize and fix annoying aspects of the iOS operating system. However, many jailbreak tweaks exist that can launch apps alternatively than Apple’s stock home screen. But they are different in terms of functionality, usability, and aesthetics. Those tweaks provide users to navigate through apps quickly and visually appealing a list of apps integrated directly into the home screen. Here is the list of best App Launcher tweaks iOS 14.

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The best jailbreak tweaks for App Launcher

InstaLauncher 2 – $3.00

InstaLauncher 2 iOS 14

InstaLauncher 2 is a system-wide application launcher and can be considered the best App launcher to tweak iOS 14. It allows jailbreakers to swipe from the iPhone edges to show an application launcher of their choice.

Mainly, InstaLauncher 2 makes it easier to access any app at once from anywhere on iOS. It provides users with many options to customize the tweak’s appearance. By swiping the indicator on the screen, users can quickly sort through their entire app library alphabetically and access any app in a second.

You can know everything you need about the InstaLauncher 2 tweak in our full review post.

Vesta – Free

Vesta Tweak

Vesta is an app drawer tweak that allows you to access all of your apps from a beautiful app drawer, available on your iPhone’s home screen or within any app.

A customizable gesture will allow you to invoke Vesta from within apps on iOS. Vesta tweak also supports activator, so you can use an activator gesture to invoke Vesta. When you activate the tweak by a gesture, it shows you all the installed and recently opened apps. The tweak works in iOS 14 devices.

Download: Vesta (Free)

Vesta Repo:

Switcher – $1.99

Switcher Tweak

The Switcher is also an app launcher tweak for your jailbroken devices and allows you to set up to 8 different apps as favorites.

Once installed, the Switcher tweak offers many features like,

  • Set your most recent apps instead of apps you specified manually
  • Activate the Switcher by tapping on the status bar, and it will hide the Switcher indicator from the lock screen
  • Work with your existing Snowboard icon themes
  • Support all jailbroken devices running iOS 11 or later, including iPadOS

Buy: Switcher ($1.99)

Switcher Repo:

Rofi – Free

Rofi Tweak

Rofi is an app launcher tweak that is similar to the Switcher tweak. It’s simple, easy to use, and accessible from everywhere on your iOS. The tweak allows you to customize almost every aspect of Rofi tweak, and there’s no limitation to add apps you want.

Rofi tweak features:

  • Customizable number of apps per page
  • Add as many apps as you want, and scroll through if you have more apps than can be shown.
  • Ability to move the grabber or slider anywhere (Press and hold onto it)
  • Hide the grabber when you take screenshots
  • Change grabber color, width, height, and visibility
  • Auto-timeout to close Rofi when not active

Rofi supports jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 11 to 14.5.

Download: Rofi (Free)

Rofi Repo:

Aperio – Free

Aperio Tweak

Aperio tweak is a small, helpful, and beautiful app launcher for your lock screen, enabling jailbreakers to quickly launch their favorite apps without going to the home screen. However, the tweak instantly launches an app after a Face ID, Touch ID unlocks.

Significantly, you don’t need to swipe up to unlock your device and scroll through all your app pages just to get to the app you need. You have to press the app icon from the lock screen simply, and you will be prompted to be unlocked. Then, it brings you to the app you tapped after you authenticate your iPhone.

Jailbreakers have the option to store multiple numbers of apps on the launcher and select between 4, 6, 8, or however many you want.

Download: Aperio (Free)

Aperio Repo:

Bubble Apps – $1.50

Bubble Apps Tweak

Installing an excellent jailbreak tweak called Bubble Apps, and access your favorite apps from anywhere on the screen. The tweak lets you create an app shortcut on the device screen. Then, you can drag and place them on the fly whenever you choose on your screen. The Bubble Apps tweak offers a highly configurable app launcher interface in the settings app.

The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 11 to iOS 14.3 devices.

Buy: Bubble Apps ($1.50)

Bubble Apps Repo:

JellyLock Reborn – $1.99

JellyLock Reborn app launcher for iOS 14

The JellyLock Reborn tweak by iOS developer MegaDev provides a beautiful and simple Lock Screen app launcher for iOS 14. It is also one of the best App Launcher tweaks iOS 14. The tweak allows you to open apps quickly from the Lock Screen. JellyLock Reborn is for an enhancement for the JellyLock for iOS 7 and the JellyLock Unified tweak for iOS 9.

When it is activated by a circular unlock view, when touched will open an easy-to-use menu with up to 6 custom apps and two custom shortcuts.

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