Most iPhone users arrange their favorite apps on the first page of the Home Screen to easy access. For opening an app, they first have to unlock the iPhone. But what if you can access apps from the Lock Screen without going to the Home Screen? The JellyLock Reborn jailbreak tweak released by iOS developer MegaDev provides a beautiful and simple Lock Screen application launcher for iOS 14. The app launcher allows apps to be opened quickly from the Lock Screen. It is an enhancement of the JellyLock for iOS 7 and the JellyLock Unified tweak for iOS 9.

JellyLock Reborn placed at the bottom of your Lock Screen for Day by day app launching quickly. After installation, it activates a circular unlock view and will open a menu with up to 6 custom apps and two custom shortcuts.

JellyLock Reborn app launcher for iOS 14

Once installed, It adds a preferences window where you can configure options as your liking. 

JellyLock Reborn Options

  • Enable or disable the JellyLock Reborn on demand
  • Respring button to save the changes you made
  • Customize appearance
    • Toggle Blur background turn on or off
    • Hide quick action buttons on the Lock Screen (Camera and Flash Light)
    • Adjust the Grabber size via a slider
    • Change the Dragger color
    • Change the Outer circle color
  • Choose apps for the application launcher.
  • Select the shortcuts for the application launcher.
JellyLock Reborn app launcher Settings

The JellyLock Reborn is a paid tweak, incredibly, it is also open-source. 

According to the developer’s note, such a classic change should last for generations to come, so he had made it open-source for anyone to easily update this change, even if he was not there when iOS 20 was released.

Those interested in the new JellyLock Reborn tweak can download it for $1.99 from the Packix repository through their favorite package manager. The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices. 

Do you like your new interface with or without the JellyLock Reborn app launcher? Be sure to share your idea in the comments section down below.

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