Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs and gives its users the latest music experience. So, Spotify is an excellent alternative to Apple Music. But the app does not have a simple volume level slider on the Now Playing interface. I think it’s a flaw in the Spotify app. So, would you like to add a volume level slider to the Now Playing interface in your Spotify app? If you have jailbroken your iOS device, we suggest trying out the newly released and free Jailbreak tweak called Volify by iOS Developer Ginsu.

Volify enhances the Spotify app by adding a volume-level slider at the bottom of its Now Playing interface. It is also similar to Apple Music. In the screenshots below, the Now Playing interface of the Spotify app looks like before (left) and after installing Volify Tweak (right).

Volify Tweak in Now Playing Interface

The Volify volume slider is integrated into the Now Playing interface in the Spotify app and perfectly fits appearance or usage. So, it’s almost like a feature that comes by default.

By default, listeners must press the hardware up and down volume buttons or the Control Center on the side of their device to increase or decrease the device volume level. But after installing this tweak, you can give your device hardware up and down volume buttons a little break.

How to download Volify Tweak?

Those interested in the new Volify tweak can download for free from Ginsu’s repository through their favorite package manager. Moreover, Volify supports all jailbroken devices, and it does not come with any options to configure.

If you have not already added Ginsu’s repository, you can add it to your Cydia via the following URL.

Do you like your Spotify app’s Now Playing interface with or without a volume level slider? Do not forget to share your idea in the comments section down below.

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