Finding tweaks to customize the iOS 14’s user interface is not that difficult. Unfortunately, most advanced customization tweaks are not free, and you have to purchase them. Meanwhile, the all-in-one tweak like Springtomize 5 is unique. However, are you looking for a quick and easy way to personalize various iOS user interface parts for free? WaveAway is a newly released and free Jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Sangster.

Especially, WaveAway is an all-in-one free tweak that provides various options to customize your iPhone’s operating system. But, as it does not offer as much specialization as Springtomize 5, it is worth checking out as a free release.

After installation, it also adds a preferences window to the settings app. Then, jailbreakers can configure the tweak as they like.

WaveAway Tweak Settings

You can,

  • Disable page dots, Dock background, and the Dock from your Home Screen.
  • Enable or configure a custom Dock color.
  • Hide folder names, folder background, and configure a custom folder color.
  • Disable notifications from the Lock Screen
  • Hide the Lock Screen’s ‘No Older Notifications’ text.
  • Hide the Face ID padlock and the Status Bar from the Home Screen.
  • Make apps invisible
  • Hide app icon labels, all badges from app icons, beta dots, update dots, and the Cloud icon from the Home Screen.
  • Enable or disable a custom carrier text label for the Status Bar.
  • Enable a custom battery text label.

Primarily, WaveAway tweak customizes the Home Screen, Lock Screen, and status bar only. However, this tweak supports features that are quite in demand among users.

WaveAway tweak Repository and Download

Those interested in the new WaveAway tweak can download it for free from the Twickd repository through their favorite package manager. Moreover, WaveAway supports jailbroken iOS & iPadOS 13 and 14 devices.

So, Are you going to install the WaveAway tweak, and what are your favorite features provided by WaveAway? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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