If you are a jailbreaker, you already know that many all-in-one jailbreak tweaks are available. Meanwhile, Springtomas 5 for iOS 14, Orion, Lynx 2 and Genesis 2 play a significant role. So, I presented the best all-in-one jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14 in detail in a previous article. Nevertheless, jailbreakers tend to use all-in-one tweaks to do everything rather than use many minor tweaks to accomplish something. Now, you can customize your jailbroken iPhone with Dove tweak for iOS 14.

iOS developer fahlnbg has recently updated Dove all-in-one jailbreak tweak to be compatible with iOS 14 and covers various iOS features, not just the app switcher, home screen, and more. Lock screen, control center and notifications.

Like other all-in-one tweaks, Dove tweak for iOS 14 adds a dedicated preference pane to the Settings app to configure the end user’s liking.

Dove tweak Options

This update adds new options to customize iOS 14 in addition to the previous iOS 13 features. AppSwitcher, a key element of iOS 13, has been replaced by a new customization category called Multitasking.

Dove tweak main settings

Once installed, there is an option to activate the tweak at the top, and these customizations are categorized under seven new options categories.

  • Multitasking
  • Home Screen
  • Control Center
  • Notification
  • Lock Screen
  • Other Settings

Let’s dig deeper and find out what you can do in each of the above sections.


Dove tweak - Multitasking Settings
  • Turn on/off Multitasking settings on demand
  • Choose Multitasking type between List (Default) and Grid
  • Adjust the App Switcher window size
  • Adjust the up/down offset and side to side offset
  • Enabling pulling down on an App Switcher window to kill the app
  • Hide app name from the App Switcher
  • Hide app icons from the App Switcher

Home Screen

Dove tweak - Home Screen Settings
  • Turn on/off Home Screen settings on demand
  • Hide the shortcuts from the Home Screen’s 3D Touch menu
  • Show/Hide Share Apps
  • Hide Delete Apps
  • Show/Hide Edit Home Screen
  • Show the app’s bundle ID in the 3D touch menu
  • Hide/Show ClearCache
  • Show Open Filza
  • Hide and Show Downloads Bar
  • Enable or disable Home Screen rotation
  • Enable or disable 2 Touch Lock
  • Hide App name
  • Enable/Disable App Library in iOS 14
  • Show/Hide Pagination in iOS 13
  • Hide Dot Update/Beta
  • Hide the Folder background
  • Show/Hide the Dock Background
  • Hide ‘Today Page’
  • Hide Home Bar
  • Enable or disable Auto-hide Home Bar
  • Enable or disable Small Home Bar

Control Center

Dove tweak - Control Center Settings
  • Turn on/off Control Center settings on demand
  • Select the Control Center Style between Default, Square Form, and Round Shape
  • Enable or disable ‘No Status Text.’
  • Show/Hide Percentage in Volume and Brightness sliders
  • Enable/disable Force turn off Wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • Hide Status Bar when CC opens
  • Enable/disable Scroll to the bottom
  • Select Media Control between Default, Zoom Out Photos (iOS 13), and Full Screen
  • Hide Album name (iOS 14)


Dove tweak - Notification Settings
  • Turn on/off Notification settings on demand
  • Hide App Name from the Notification screen
  • Enable Converting Title to App Name (iOS 13)
  • Enable/disable ‘Doesn’t Open When Tapping Banner.’
  • Enable One Swipe Open and Delete the Notification
  • Adjust the Banner Hide Time in Seconds (Default is 2)
  • Enable/disable Exact Time when notifications as received
  • Hide Old Notifications
  • Hide Notification Center
  • Show/Hide Today Page

Lock Screen

Dove tweak - Lock Screen Settings
  • Turn on/off Lock Screen settings on demand
  • Enable Face ID reattempt after failing
  • Automatically unlock when Face ID succeeds
  • Hide the Camera Page from the Lock Screen
  • Show/Hide Passcode interface background
  • Hide Today view from the Lock Screen
  • Enable Landscape rotation on the Lock Screen
  • Avoid the Lock Screen from being awoken when charging
  • Avoid the Lock Screen from being awoken when receiving a notification
  • Enable up to two lines of custom Lock Screen text
  • Replace the ‘Swipe to Unlock’ text as you wish
  • Hide the Camera icon from the Lock Screen
  • Show/Hide the Flash icon from the Lock Screen
  • Hide Icons Background

Other Settings

Dove tweak - Other Settings
  • Turn on/off Other settings on demand
  • Show/Hide Breadcrums
  • Enable Fake Dual-SIM on iPhone X
  • Change the Network Carrier Name (Leave blank if you want to hide it)
  • Select the Battery icon between Percent Inside, Only Percent, or Battery Default
  • Disable LPM Banner
  • Hide Keyboard settings
  • Hide one hand keyboard
  • Show/Hide Line
  • Hide Share Contacts
  • Enable Force 3D Touch
  • Enable Swipe Animation

After you configure the tweak, you can press the Action button at the top right corner to save the settings. There, you will see Respring Button and the Reset All Settings buttons.

What makes Dove different from other all-in-one tweaks is that it can be downloaded entirely for free. Although Dove is free, it seems to have all the valuable features I need.

Dove Tweak Repo and Download

Those who like to try the Dove tweak can download it for free from the fahlnbg’s repository. This tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices. If you don’t already add it to your package manager, add it using the URL below.


Do you have the intention to use Dove to customize your iPhone or iPad the way you want? Be sure to mention why or why not in the comments section below.

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