TappyKeyboard gives haptic feedback when typing on iPhone

Get haptic feedback when typing on your iPhone with TappyKeyboard

Apple has not provided its users with an Android-style keyboard with haptic feedback for iPhones in general. But Apple users are expecting a feature that will enable a keyboard with haptic feedback from Apple. However, it is unknown whether they will enable haptic feedback on the keyboards for the iPhone in the future. However, if you have jailbroken your iPhone, the keyboard haptic feedback can be enabled for the iPhone as well. For that, iOS developer Kanns has released a new and free jailbreak tweak called TappyKeyboard.

After installation, users have the option to enable haptic or taptic feedback through the settings app. Both of the above options cause the device to vibrate when a single keyboard key is tapped. However, as the developer explains, there is a difference between the two options.

In particular, we feel that the Taptic settings has been subdued and is active on newer phones with a Taptic engine. It gives you more than just pressing the keyboard keys with your finger. Also, the haptic setting is rough and is for older devices with a standard vibration motor, and both of these options work on newer devices.

TappyKeyboard Options

TappyKeyboard for iOS 14
  • Select Haptic and Taptic feedback
    • None
    • Haptic 1
    • Haptic 3
    • Taptic soft
    • Taptic light
    • Taptic medium
    • Taptic heavy
    • Taptic rigid
  • Disable the tweak in LPM (Low Power Mode)
  • Respring button to apply changes you made
  • Entering Safe mode on the device
  • Resetting the tweak to default settings

In particular, the keyboard-based haptic feedback TappyKeyboard was not the first jailbreak tweak created for the iPhone.

TappyKeyboard repo

Those interested in trying out two keyboard-centric haptic feedbacks can download them for free from the Kanns’s repository. This tweak supports jailbroken iPhones running iOS 13 and iOS 14. However, it does not support iPads or iPods.

If you haven’t already used Kanns’ repository, you can add it using the URL below.


Do you have the intention to add keyboard haptic feedback to your iPhone with the TappyKeyboard? So, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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