A key feature of iOS 14 is adding widgets directly to the home screen alongside app icons. This feature was a must-have thing for iPhone users for a long time. But, with the release of iOS 14, Apple has made it a reality. But, they have limited the number of native widgets to a minimum. Especially if you want to add extra widgets to your iOS 14 jailbroken iPhone, iOS developer Ginsu has released a new and free jailbreak tweak called PowerWidget Tweak for iOS 14. It allows you to perform power-centric actions right from the home screen. In other words, the PowerWidget tweak brings a power widget to devices on iOS 14. So, you can perform Respring, Enter Safemode, Userspace Reboot, and UICache from the Home Screen.

After installation, you can add a new widget to the home screen by tapping the ‘+’ button after entering the ‘jiggle’ mode. There you will find the Power Widget in the Widgets list. So, you can choose between a larger edge-to-edge widget or a compact 2×2 widget. You can see in the example screenshot below that it contains individual buttons for Respring, Reboot, Safe Mode, and UICache.

PowerWidget Widgets

PowerWidget Tweak Repo & Download

PowerWidget has no options to configure, except to enable or disable widgets if you wish. Those who want to add this helpful home screen widget to the jailbroken iOS 14 devices can download the PowerWidget for free from the Packix repository through their favorite Package Manager.

Note: As noted by the developer, if the widget doesn’t show in the widget picker menu, you probably have to run the UICache command on your iOS 14 device.

Are you planning to install the PowerWidget widget on your iOS 14 device? You can tell us why or why not in the comments section below.

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