Uranium tweak is a free alternative for Springtomize 5 in iOS 14.

Undoubtedly, iOS is one of the best mobile operating systems released by Apple for the iPhone. It is a well-known fact that with their latest version, iOS 14, they have added various features such as App library. As seen in jailbreak communities such as r / jailbreak, some users ask how to disable those features. Unfortunately, by default, Apple does not allow iOS to disable those features. As a solution to this, various jailbreak developers have released many jailbreak tweaks. So, you can download an all-in-one premium tweak like Springtomize 5 for iOS 14 to enable or disable all those features in one place. Unfortunately, it is not free. 

As an alternative to Springtomize 5, iOS developer Fission Dev has released a free tweak called Uranium to enable or disable many of its features, although not all of them.

Uranium tweak features

Once installed, the tweak adds a preferences window to the settings app where you can disable or enable features your liking.

Uranium tweak settings

You can,

  • Remove the Dock background (Transparent Dock)
  • Hide Quick Action Buttons on the Lock Screen
  • Hide Home bar
  • Disable Control Center Grabber on the Lock Screen
  • Hide Page Dots on Home Screen
  • Hide App Labels
  • Remove blue App update dot after app update
  • Hide ‘Swipe To Unlock’ text 
  • Show MagSafe Charging View on Any Device
  • Hide ‘No Older Notifications’ Text 
  • Hide FaceID Lock
  • Disable or Hide App Library in iOS 14

Additionally, according to developer Fission Dev, the Uranium tweak will be updated in the future with various features. However, after you make the necessary changes, you can save the settings by clicking the Apply button in the upper right corner.

Those interested in using Uranium tweak can download for free from the Packix repository, your favorite package manager. Furthermore, the Uranium tweak supports jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

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