All the software is being changed, including the apps we use on our iPhones frequently. As better or worse. The official Reddit app has taken a lot of flak recently for its Discovery tab and awful layout, which has sparked a lot of negative feedback from users. Therefore, iOS developer level3tjg has released a free jailbreak tweak dubbed RedditOldDiscovery. It is also a Reddit jailbreak tweak that reverts the Reddit app’s Discovery tab to the old style for your jailbroken iPhone.

One of the most common criticisms of the Discovery tab is that it replaces stuff from feeds you’ve subscribed to with things you haven’t. RedditOldDiscovery tweak doesn’t need to be installed by users who like the Discovery page; thus, their app will remain the same. This tweak will be a blessing when it comes to those who haven’t become accustomed to the new interface.

RedditOldDiscovery Tweak Repo

Those interested in giving the new RedditOldDiscovery tweak a try can download it free from level3tjg’s repository via their favorite package manager app. Note that the tweak is only compatible with the official Reddit app on a jailbroken device.

Those who haven’t yet added level3tjg’s repository to their package manager app using the following URL.

Do you intend to test out the new RedditOldDiscovery tweak, or are you OK with the way things are now? Please do so in the space provided below if you have anything to add.

Are you looking for more specialized jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14?

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