If you share your Mac with others, especially with your family members, want? To switch between user accounts frequently, you will be happy to know you can do it quicker and more comfortable than ever in macOS Big Sur without having to take the pain of logging out. One of the best eye-catching features in macOS Big Sur is Fast User Switching. 

You will need to set it yourself as Apple does not enable fast user switching by default. However, you do not need to worry, and enabling Fast User Account Switching in macOS Big Sur is simple. You can activate it without digging too deep in the settings, and just a couple of clicks. The latest macOS Big Sur allows you to add the fast user switching icon to the menu bar and Control Center for quick access. 

Let’s check that:

How to enable Fast User Account Switching in macOS Big Sur?

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac
  2. Click Dock & Menu Bar
  3. In the side pane on the left, click Fast User Switching.
  4.  You can add the fast user switching shortcut icon to the menu bar, Control Center, or both. If you would like to, check both options. 
Enable Fast User Account Switching in macOS Big Sur
Enable Fast User Account Switching in macOS Big Sur

That’s it! Now, you can switch between macOS user accounts right from the menu bar or the control center on your Mac. If you want to disable fast user switching, you can revise the actions made above step four (4) by opening System Preferences on your Mac.

Your fast user switching shortcut will now appear wherever you choose. Then, click it to view the list of available accounts that already exist and select the user account you need to use. 

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